Miss being a hotwife

I just got remarried at 35, and I love my husband. He has strong morals, is very religious, and though he makes a ton of money our sex life is very vanilla. He's still good. I love him too.

I kinda miss the sex life that I had with my ex though. We would swing, do gangbangs and orgies and it was fun getting railed and taking load after load of semen. Great memories, great parties. I never cheated on my ex-husband because I didn't need to. He was there playing too.

My current husband would be appalled if I told him about my prior sex life. He is very much in love with me, which is awesome, but he is not into kinks of any kind. There is a part of me that just misses no-strings sex and having fun. It was nice having sex with friends too.


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  • A girl my age changed our neighborhood play when she moved in. She had a way to get all of us to do what she wanted. Instead of capture the flag, it was now rescue your girl before she was stripped. Each team had a girl that they 'kidnapped' at the start, while at the same time they had to 'rescue' the other girl from the other team. One of damsels HAD to be her. She picked the teams. I soon figured out that she picked the most aggressive captors to hold and strip her. If she wasn't naked and being messed with by the time she was rescued she restarted the game. These games were eventually skipped and we just pulled trains on her. She wasn't interested unless at least three guys were ready for her. Stupid me proposed to her when we were still kids. She said she would never marry me but she would do me one better. She said I could be her secret lover on the side for the rest of our lives. That held until we were 16 when she and her parents moved away. I ran into her again when we were both in our early 19. I asked for her number and she said she had a steady boyfriend. She saw my reaction to that then realized what I was thinking. She took me to her car and blew me. We were just getting ourselves together when she spotted her boyfriend and I had to bail before we had a chance to exchange contact information. After I was married I ran into her sister. We exchanged information. My wife and I even babysat for the sister. Then I got a call from the girl. She was married too and invited my wife and I for a party. They lived 2 hours from us but we accepted. At her party I asked if her husband knew about her naughty past. Not a THING! and you don't go telling him!

  • Lets do a one night stand

  • Have you asked your husband if he has kinks. Because obviously you haven’t told him all about your past sex life then the likelihood is that he hasn’t Told you everything either. You need to tell him and maybe he will be okay with that

  • Keep your pants on or you will lose your marriage, its up to you.

  • I had a neighbor two yards down from me like that. The first time I met Kelly, I could tell..She was a wild one before the kids and her nice but rather dull husband. Kelly had that look of "I'll take it from both ends" about her. Sly, sexy, but holding herself back b/c of the husband and kids. Every time their dog jumped the fence, I'd bring him back, we'd talk, flirt, laugh, and I'd leave thinking..I can so get her. She'd be into it.

    Noticing the husband's work van gone, I again took the dog back after he ended up in my yard. Kelly answered the door in a short, opened just enough to tease, robe and told me to take him/the dog, to the sliding glass door in the back, she'd let him in there.

    I did, we talked and laughed a bit in her lower-level tv room, and she stood up, saying the kids would be gone all day, husband "had his moments, but he's not..exciting", and opened up the robe with a sly "I have..Time if you do". Boom, time for sex with Kelly.

    We kept it up for a few months, and I learned about her past. All I can say is, wow, was I ever correct. Stories about when she worked for a bottled water company and was the "driver's favorite", as they'd take turns with her, wild college days fucking guys and sleeping outside, and one time over coffee, her saying "I was such a slutty whore back then..I can be again!", in fun, but I think part of her meant it.

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