My wife

I want someone to seduce an have a affair with my wife. I want them to fuck her hard.

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  • My wife’s out with another guy right now, hopefully getting it in her butt so she’ll be ready for me later.

  • Perverts

  • Either your wife is out with her stud or you are a wife that needs laid

  • Anyone want to trade pics of wife.
    Mine would kill me if she knew i took pics
    With clothes is fine or nude

  • I’ll trade with you. Email me

  • Post a contact here so we can get this done

  • I have a small cock and married a hot young girl I went to school with. It wasn't long before she started fucking around on me making my 4 incher so damn fucking hard. I just want to watch her once so badly but she will only do it one on one. That really sucks. I tried to get her to suck my friends 7+ cock. She did it but when I wasn't around. It's fucking torture not being able to watch.

  • Careful what you wish for, how does you wife feel about being ridden by strange cock? I made a massive mistake way back in the 1980's when I let my friends husband fuck me in front of her. I did nothing to stop it, however I have lived with this guilt for almost 40 years. My husband does not know and must never find out, I still wonder why I allowed this to happen.

  • He and Joe have laughed about it for 35 years now.

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. Try to think about making your life good now,

  • I know a lot of men would like to see their wife fuck another guy but I just couldn’t. I fantasize about it and play pretend with her but that’s it.

  • This whole site is just one fantasy after another ... but it's fun.

  • I agree!! Somewhere where you can let fantasies out there!!

  • I'm with you. My wife is a long-legged brunette who loves showing off what she's got in her slutty walking shorts and denim cut-offs. On top of that she's a total flirt. When she's out and about in the summertime I see guys of all ages ogling her all the time, and I'm positive that most of the neighborhood hubbies want to fuck her brains out. Which is fine by me. The thought of one or more of them doing her on a regular basis really turns me on. I would love it if they had a rotating schedule of stopping by the house to fuck her while I'm hard at work in my basement home office. It would just be so hot to come upstairs to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee to find her bent over our kitchen table with some guy pounding her from behind.

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