NUDES of my wife

When my wife and I got married I moved in with her. She owned her house and it was a lot bigger than mine. She had been divorced and her kids still lived at home. Nine years after we married and I moved in, her youngest daughter went away to college. We no longer needed that big of a house and decided to downsize.

We found a small house, but needed to get ride of a lot. I decided to take a weeks vacation from work and go through junk in the basement, attic, and garage. I was going through many boxes I had never seen in the attic when I came across personal effects from my wife's first marriage. I was surprised when I opened a tin box and found several nude polaroids of my wife nude and having sex with her husband. Clearly someone else had taken the photos. There was also a CD that obviously had something to tell. I took the CD to my den and popped it in my computer. There were tons of pictures of my wife nude and fucking her first husband. Then I found the videos. I watched as my wife sucked and fucked her first husband.

The more I watch the more excited I got. I was quickly scanning each video looking for the perfect one to masturbate to when I came across a video of her fucking some guy who was clearly not her husband. I turned the audio up and was shocked to hear her first husband in the background commenting as his friend had sex with his wife. My dick got rock hard and couldn't help but masturbate.

That night I couldn't stop thinking about the videos and kept flirting with my wife. I got her horny to the point we finally went to the bedroom. I was licking her pussy and going all out like a horny teenager when she asked with a moan what had gotten into me. I didn't answer and focused on the task at hand. I fucked her hard and fast.

After we finished she asked me again, but this time I told her about the pictures and videos I had found. She acknowledged having sex with more than just her first husbands friend. In fact it was a way of life for them and she had fucked several of her first husbands friends. I asked her if she missed the lifestyle. It took some conversation but she finally admitted that it was fun and she did miss all the attention. I asked if she wanted to try the lifestyle again but she said no. I've asked her several times since, but she still says that part of her life is over. I'll keep asking though.


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  • Would you like to share any of the pics or vids?

  • It's possible that lifestyle is what ruined her first marriage.

  • Don’t keep asking. You are looking at a high probability of ruining your marriage.

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