Grandma's friend

So this took place almost 30 yrs ago. I was raised by my grandma. My parents split when i was a baby and she took me in. I was 18 when this took place. My grandma was 78 at the time, and was very attractive(that's another confession for another time), small saggy tits, baggy ass and not a care in the world. she She would wear as much or as little as she wanted to so i saw a lot of her. She came to me, and said that our neighbor wanted to borrow me for the day. She was in her 80's and didn't drive and had no one to take her to a Dr's appointment. I was told i was to be there at 7 am to pick her her, though the appointment wasn't until 10:30 am, and only a 20 min drive but i always tried to do what i was told.

So i arrive promptly at 7 am and knock on the door. She let me in, and the smell hit me!!!!! She was very independent but her age and size made it where she could no longer really care for herself or her home. I sat down when i finally found somewhere that i could. She explained why she wanted me almost 3 hours before the appointment. She HAD to have help getting ready for the appointment. This appointment would decide if she could stay in her apartment alone or have to go to a home. I should describe her so this all makes sense. She was 82 yrs old, and 396 lbs. She wasn't a big woman, she was HUGE!!! She could not take care of her "personal needs". She had been wearing the same gown for at least the last 6 weeks. She could no longer lift her fat gut to clean her vagina after peeing, nor could she reach around her wide ass to wipe after taking a dump. My task was to help her get cleaned up, dressed and to the Dr so she could show them she was able to care for herself. She leads me to her bathroom where she instructs me to remove her gown. I do so, and she bends over to start the water in the tub. The room is filled with a shitty, pissy, sweaty odor that gagged me, but at 18 my hormones didn't care, there was two massive tits swinging in front of me and my dick reacted!! She gets in the tub and i proceed to clean her. I scrubbed her from head to toe, under her massive tits, hanging belly between her legs, and giant ass!!! I retrieved a clean flannel gown for her and dressed her. We made it to the appointment and she stressed to the Dr that she now had her "great-nephew" home from school, and she was in great hands. He tore up the papers to send her to a home and sent her home with me. I drive her home and walk her in. She asks if i would help her get ready for bed?? It was only 12:30 but at her age i guess the activity of the day warranted a nap. She then stated that it had been over 30 yrs since she last slept naked and would love to today! I pull the gown off of her and she stood before me naked and then reached out to hug me! I had a 400 lb naked granny hugging me, and my dick reacted yet again!!! She asked if i would sit with her for a minute, she wanted to tell me something. So I sit, rearranging so my boner isn't seen as much. She then tells me that she really enjoyed the bath. I reply "I'm glad". She then says, she had her first orgasm in 30 yrs today, 3 of them in fact. She came when i washed her tits and nipples, her pus pus (what she called it) and when i scrubbed her nasty ass. She then asks if i would do her one more favor? She wanted me to kiss her pus pus, she wanted oral sex. She told me Reba (my grandmother) told her I was really good at it. Early during my grandmothers hormone replacement therapy she would get really horny and I was tasked with helping her out!

I agreed to eat her out, only if i could get satisfied too. My teenage dick was taking control. I damn near suffocated while under her huge belly sucking her clit. Upon her 5th orgasm, she was tapping out, begging for mercy, so i pulled up and she said FUCK ME!!!! I did, pumping her full of cum. This started a habit. Everyday, I would go over and "help" her. I would give her a bath, wipe her after toilet time, dress and undress her, help her have an orgasm and then cum on her tits or in her mouth. I spent the summer doing this for her. She died in her sleep in late Sept of that year. I can only hope that i made the last months of her life enjoyable and better than the 30 yrs she was all alone!!

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