Would love to hear more stories from panty lover's and what they do with them..For me I've been collecting and masturbating in them since I was a teenager and I know there are so many others out there who love to do the same..I also love masturbating in fishnet pantyhose and have many bras and mini skirts that I dress up and masturbate and video myself masturbating and I've been sharing my videos with other's who like me to see them crossdressing and masturbating...I'm into shemale training and I get so turned on when I see compilations of shemale gunshots..I just want to join in!!!

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  • I use to steal all my aunts, my cousins, sister,stepdaughter and my moms sexy panties and masterbate with them and cum all over them. Mainly i would cum in the crotch of them but i always fantasized about whoevers panties i was using

  • Wear panties all you want. Enjoy them but don't steal them! If I caught you stealing mine you would be on the news. After my man messed you up bad.

  • We from Crossdressing Haven would like you to join us to share your pictures and videos and be a part of our community, We all share the journey you have been on the desire to be a girl and to look like one!

  • I only wear women's panties, they make my penis feel so good! I buy very sheer mesh see through ones over the internet and like you they are the best to masturbate in when I watch shemales and lesbians videos just wishing I could be there to share there experiences and for them to play with me in anyway they choice.

  • Wow I didn't know how true this was! Saw a bunch of comments and stories like this so I went and bought my first pair of panties today and I'm wearing them now. You're right... makes my penis feel so good to. I've had an erection since I put them on! Loving it!

  • I have now a collection of more tan 60 used panties, mostly taken away from the public launderette. I love to sniff them, lick on the crotch area and when too horny, even chew on the 'area'. I always need a couple of panties to masturbate. I have three pairs that are crotch-less - I understand why they are like that but could not identify the sexy women owning them!

  • I’m not into wearing them, only sniffing. Was at a neighbors house a few weeks ago, very hot MILF. had an opportunity to get into her bathroom hamper in her bedroom. Had to do a quick hit, saw a pair of black shorts and under that was a pair of black panties. Nice white stain in the crotch. I waited until I got home that night and sniffed them while I fucked my wife doggy. Un-fucking real! What an experience and cum...

  • I put on my wife’s thongs every chance I get.. I love master bating in them. Sometimes I’ll wear them under my underwear when I go to work.

  • Love panties! My first experience was at 14 - I was watching some friends' dogs overnight while the family was out of town. They had a daughter who was a grade or two below me. Damn near as soon as they were out the drive way, I made a bee line for her room. I enjoyed myself with her panties for hours. I masturbated so me times to the point that I wasn't shooting anything at all anymore. I snuck a few of my favorites in my bag so I could have more fun at home

  • I am a married man, but the only way I truly feel sexy is dressed in women's panties and lingerie. My wife would not approve of my feminine side, so I only get the chance to dress up when I know she's not going to be around. I fantasize so much when I am alone and dressed slutty. I am dying to show someone my secret in person.

  • I would love to see u. I love women in women clothes

  • I love women in women's clothes too. Lol. I am so jealous of all the slutty choices they have.

  • I kinda dig it too, i wore my gfs clothes this morning while she was gone, i some what like to dress in her fishnets and panties and other clothing, instantly I wondered how I looked bending down so I took some pictures and for my results all I can say is if I was drunk and I did not look at my self i would so bang my self

  • Nice I take pics of myself also

  • It's really wonderful wearing silky ladies lingerie, I wear it all including sexy flirty floaty dresses with stocking and high heels. When I dress I'm lucky that with make up I pass as a mature lady but still very sexy.
    When I'm out and about I always have a hard-on feeling the breeze blowing up my dress and my silk knickers rubbing me dick!!!!!!

  • I here you out here, Me too count me in..wearing panties all the time makes my dick hard all the time especially if there's girly cum in them..oh what a turn on!

  • Thanks for giving me more sites to explore..I get really turned on seeing cocks in panties..would like to show my pics in panties to other's..I belong to several panty clubs that we share our fetishness for panties's so much fun masturbating in panties and cumming in them..can't think of anything I'd rather do than play in panties!!!

  • I love to wear panties and pantyhose and take pics of myself. I always buy my own panties and pantyhose. I like to post nudes of myself on nubienudes. I also like a site called cdsissy. I like seeing men cross dress.

  • Piss off

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