The Encounter

A couple of years ago I was in Pattaya at a place called Stringfellows. It was late, about 1:30 A.M. I was watching a ladyboy dancing on a pole on the dance floor. She was dancing and riding the pole. She lifted up her skirt revealing a large, hard, brown, ladyboy cock. Well, she started to dance right in front of me. She was dancing and offering me this big, long cock. So I bent over and started to put my lips around that big beautiful cock, peeled back the thick layer of foreskin and began to take it into my mouth. I didn’t mind as the few other customers that were still in the bar watched as I sucked her long ladyboy cock. It was crazy. No one seemed to care or be alarmed. I felt no shame about the others in the bar watching me. No one seemed to care. It seemed easy, natural to me, maybe because I was anonymous.
After that, I asked her if she’d like to have a drink. She came over to where I was sitting and we had a drink together. We talked for a bit and she asked me if I would pay the bar fine for her. I agreed, paid the bar fine and my bar tab as she went into the back of the bar, changed her clothes and then reappeared in a dress and high heel shoes. We shortly left Stringfellows and walked a short distance to my hotel room at the Hard Rock in Pattaya.
As we walked into the reception area at the Hard Rock, I noticed that she was much taller than me. Myself at 5 feet 9 inches, she was easily 6 feet tall. As we reached the reception desk, I was a bit embarrassed. Her high heel shoes were very loud and obvious. I asked her if she would mind taking off her shoes so as to not attract too much attention as we walked through the lobby. She obliged, but even with her shoes off she still towered over me. She presented her I.D. at her front desk and soon we were in the elevator headed for my room. She was no small person, but once inside the elevator, put her high heels back on.
So we get to the room and she wants to shower. I hand her a towel and she grabs my hand and says that she wants us to shower together. I oblige and soon we are lathering up washing, rubbing, stroking and sucking each other. I could taste the precum oozing from the head of her erect cock. It tasted tangy and familiar.
We turned off the shower, toweled off and were quickly lying in bed together rubbing, kissing and hugging together. We moved our bodies into a 69 position and began feasting on each other’s fruit. She had big, heavy ripe balls. I tried to suck them but she was focused on fucking my mouth. Her cock was so big and fat that I had a hard time breathing. I kept choking and gagging on her ever growing enormous piece of meat. At one point I had to stop because I thought that we would both cum.
I was so turned on at this point that I turned at her and asked her if she would like to fuck my ass. I explained that I hadn’t been fucked in awhile and that I had a very tight ass. She told me that she would like to, but neither of us had any gel for lubrication. She instructed me to get down on all fours. She positioned herself behind me and began lickicing and spitting into my asshole. I was clean, because I had taken an enema earlier.
The next thing I know, I feel this big bulbous cock head beginning to penetrate my tight unused asshole. Once she stuck the head of her cock into my asshole, I had to bury my face into a pillow. I was screaming with pain, but it felt right. This pain continued for about 15 minutes. In and out I struggled to accept the head of her cock into my struggling asshole. My ass just wouldn’t open up. She kept pushing as I was trying to get it in, but it still wouldn’t go in. I kept breathing and relaxing, and slowly her giant cock started sliding into my crying asshole. She moved it in slowly, being careful not to let it slip out. I could feel my asshole gripping tightly around her angry, pulsating member. I couldn’t believe that it was actually taking this big brown cock up my ass.
She pumped me slow at first, forcing me to feel every inch of her giant cock inside of my ever tightening asshole. I was nervous. This was an experience. Slowly my asshole opened. It opened up wide. I was still in a doggy style position and I was getting fucked. I heard her mutter the words, “Yes, good slave”
I thought that I was going to shit, but no shit came out because I was clean. She said, “Yes, I like it.”
She then tells me to turn over on my back. So the next thing I know, she starts fucking me up the ass again with this big cock while I’m on my back. In and out I’m taking this giant log up my ass for about 15 minutes. Bye the way, she’s bareback so it’s all meat pounding my tender hole.
Finally, she slowly pulls out of my ass and motions me to sit up. I think she wants to ask me a question. She motions me to come closer. I don’t know what she means. Then she grabs the back of my head and shoves her giant, swollen, veiny, purple cock into my stretched open mouth and ejaculates stream after stream of warm tangy sperm down my throat. I tried to pull back, but her strength and my obedience accepted the entire load. I noticed an unfamiliar taste of my own ass as she dumped her entire load.
Did you enjoy my story? Sorry, no picture, no name.

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  • It was well written, but, her high heels at the hotel was a pointless indulgence, and the other details not to my tastes, so, no.

  • Thank you for your honest criticism.

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