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Recently, my wife & I were at a reasonably small gathering at a friend's place & there were a few folks there that we didn't know. After a couple of hours though we were all pretty well acquainted & drinks were flowing.
My wife is the sort of lady that prefers to chat with guys, she can't be bothered with the gossip chat & whatever women go on about. So she hangs with the guys. I did notice that a couple of these new aquaintences were quite enjoying her conversation & were getting quite handsy as they kept supplying her with shots. She doesn't drink a great deal & so was quite drunk & these guys knew it.
I seen one of them slip his hand up her top a few times & grab her boob. She didn't react so he kept groping her. I asked my mate, the host, if I could put her down in his spare bed so she could sleep it off. I went to her & this guy quickly removes his hand from under her top as I got there. I excused myself & told them that she's too pissed & I'm putting her to bed. I walked her off to the bedroom, layed her down in the bed & pulled the covers over her, shut the door & returned to the party.
The drinks kept flowing & everyone was having a great time. I then got a tap on the shoulder & my mates taken me outside. He's told me not to get upset but he has to show me something that he was just sent. He gets his phone out & opens it with the text saying "check out this hot bitch" see my wife laying on the bed naked with this guy between her legs eating her out while another with the camera shows her sucking his cock. Then they swap & he puts his cock in her pussy & is fucking her hard as she's sucking the others cock. They both fucked her & blew in her pussy & as they left the room, they showed her laying spread eagle & naked on the bed & leaving the door open. I went back inside & up to the room. Another guy was fucking her as another was shooting his cum on her face. I just stood there, thinking this is fucking hot. My mate standing beside me asks if he can fuck her. My wife shouts out why not, just let him. So he drops his pants & starts pounding her as another wanks over her & cums on her face & tits.
They finish & we head back to the party. The guys continued to wander in & fuck her through the night. The other girls had no idea what their fellas were doing as they gossiped away in the other living room. Each of them had at least 3 turns with her.
My mate has since been around a few times to fuck her.

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  • And I thought my wife Jill was bad. She's hot as fuck but acts more like a nun. She a real subservient whore in our bedroom but that's were it ends. She doesn't socialize well at parties with new people. Men gravitate to her. I feel a good because if they didn't, she'd just stand there alone. At a party most of the women are in the house chatting about their nails and such. Jill's out side in the middle of the young jocko group. She's 32, they're college kids. There's another pretty hot girl, around 25, in the group. Everyone seems to be laughing and having a good time. I try to stay away from her because she's having a good time on her own, don't want to be the jealous husband with the hot wife with all the cleavage. The women inside are now talking about pizza -- I make pizza from scratch. I'm inside for an hour. When I go outside Jill and the other young lady are naked. WTF. But they're all laughing and and BS ing like the 2 girls are not naked. I better step in here. She's feeling no pain "they wanted to see who's tits were bigger" the other girl "you win by a dick hair" So you showed them your pussy too? "why not"

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