Walked naked at night through a park

Outdoor nudity makes me hot . It was late one night , about 3 am and i couldnt sleep , so i went for a walk and when i got to the park , i had the urge to get naked and walk. So i took off my top and bra , then my shorts and panties and hid them . I started to walk across the park and it was hot . No clothes with me made it more exciting . My nipples were hard , the slight breeze across them was a nice . I loved that my tight ass was out in the open too . Im in my teens so I have a tight body ,but small boobs which bounce only a little bit ,which , well , you get what you get . I had to be a thousand feet or more away from my clothes by now , and came up on the playground which i laid back on the sliding board . I laid there legs spread hands over head , totally exposed ,and was loving it . After only 5 or so minutes I saw lightning and was like fuck. I was naked , spread , happy to be here , and now this fucked it up. I went back to my clothes , got dressed and left . It starting raining when i was about 4 houses away from home ,I went in , got out of the wet clothes ,and that was then end of my night . I will be doing it again this summer 2020 . Just the thought i might be being watched is hot to me.
I like it and am scared at the same time

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  • Yep I tried that once in NY centrals park. Got chased by a group of teenagers and damn lucky I was able to get away. Think they would have raped me or killed me. They were yelling kill the faggot.

  • It's called exhibitionist

  • I love walking outdoors at late night weekends, i walk wearing my girlie white socks, either over my knee or ankle socks with my tartan skirt, i walk along the dirty concrete with just socks on, making them dirty underneath ( turns me on ) or in my black tights and black mini skirt... 9 times out of 10 i’ll see a pervert hanging around there wanking off, i’ll then get him to cum on me, all over my skirt or, on my sexy girlie white socks on my small feet ( size 6 ) or in my mouth as we stand there hidden.
    Its always older men 60-70s
    Sometimes i’ll get their cum on my cock, leaving their cum to soak into my skin mmmmmmm

  • You're absolutely right. Outdoor nudity is the best, but especially so when it's in a public place! We had a one-story ranch-style house in Deerfield IL (a northern suburb of Chicago) when I was growing up. The summer before my senior year in high school, I started climbing out of my bedroom window around 2:00-3:00 a.m. and walking all around our neighborhood in the nude. As I got more brazen, my walks became longer and longer. I think the farthest I ever got from my house was about a mile, maybe two even. It got to the point where I was walking around in the nude for well over an hour. Deerfield's residential streets at the time were poorly lit, and I was able to both see and hear a car coming from a long ways off (rare at that time of night, however...not even a cop car). So I never was seen or caught. I'd make my way over to the houses of girls that I lusted after in high school and beat off in their back yards, on their patios or decks...even on their front porches. I used to shoot ropes of cum all over patio doors, patio furniture, storm doors, picture windows, swing sets and cars parked in driveways! Of course this was back in the day before the internet and doorbell cameras and all of the high-tech home security stuff that people have nowadays. So I was able to get away with it.

    And thank God my parents were heavy sleepers, because they never heard me coming or going...and I kept my bedroom door locked so they couldn't check on me. My parents were big on respecting my privacy when I became a teenager. They were actually pretty cool, but they'd have flipped if they knew what I was doing LOL!

  • I'd have me some fun if I came across a naked chick in the woods early in the morning. I'd have to fuck her at least 2 or 3 times.

  • The summer has only started , lol

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