I love exposing my girlfriend navel

Every night I make sure that my girlfriend navel Is exposed while she Is sleeping. I slightly lift her shirt enough to uncover It and I leave her like that. Knowing in general that her navel is exposed without her knowing turns me on a lot.

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  • Did it to my hot older sister all the time. She'd fall asleep on the couch, bed, or our finished basement couch, and I'd flip her shirt up above her ribs to show off her tight, tanned, sexy tummy and deep, oval innie navel. If she wore her robe, I'd work my fingers in between the separation, split it until her navel was framed and exposed, and leave it like that, playing with it as I wanted to. She fell asleep in my home bar hammock during a visit, and I still did it to her, flipping her loose-bottomed shirt up above her ribs and exposing her still-amazing tummy and navel. I wanted to do a body shot out of her navel, but didn't have the time. I think she'd have loved it.

  • Seems harmless.

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