Love having my wife exposed at home or in public

For many years I have enjoyed having people see my wife exposed in any way possible. She is slim with small breasts and never wears a bra so with most of her clothes her breasts are easily seen whenever she leans forward. I encourage her to wear loose or tops with small straps and button up dresses that make it very easy to show her off and when out for a night, very easy to gradually slip off the shoulder or open to leave her completely on show. Wearing nice summer dresses can often mean she is totally naked underneath and facilitate having even more on view. She is a pretty lightweight drinker and I have lost count of the number of times and places she has ended up completely exposed or naked for anyone to examine at their leisure. One of the most effective ways I have found to engage people in watching her is to leave pics of her where they can easily be discovered . I usually do this by leaving a folder of A4 colour prints of her in a situation where I know they will be found. By leaving the folder open with just part of her head showing always arouses enough interest for the target to look closed and end up examining the entire contents. This has never failed to succeed and I have used it with workmen, friend, family,neighbours, in fact anyone , and it works every time. People always think they have just come across them by luck and never mention the fact they have seen them, but it is great to watch them with her afterwards, being around her and knowing that they know every detail of her body.

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  • Funny how a bit of alcohol and my wife in a bikini can add to me exposing her to my friend.And her being cool with it and then being led to the nearest bedroom.

  • Hopefully the one leading her wasn’t you.

  • No it wasn't

  • I love exposing my sexy wife’s body, too. I post her nudes online (which I have her permission to do). I expose every detail of her (minus her face).

    On a related note, I have an intense fantasy to send someone online nudes of my wife, that also show her face, and tell him to expose her and do whatever he wants with them. The anxiety caused by the risk would make this very exciting. The more risky the exposer makes things, the more nudes I’ll send. Of course, none of this would happen without my wife’s permission.

  • You get the permission and I’ll do the exposing.

  • As soon as I get her permission, I’ll contact you. What’s your email?

  • My wife wears small summer dresses and hitches them at the back to her pantie waist band so everybody can see her panties, arse and all her legs, it looks like an oversight when leaving the toilet, so sexy

  • Where oh where can I get those photos?

  • I know how intense public exhibitionsm can be. Why not try having her wear a loose blouse with a few buttons undone, and then wearing a skirt and sitting very unladylike, showing her panties to anyone one who wants to look. Being panty-less may violate some laws, so check that out. With me I love wearing ladies lingerie, so I wake up at 3;00 am, and will dress in my panties, garterbelt & black hose, a short half slip, and a silky bra, and then I go out and walk around the block. I am so terrified of being seen, but the possibility of being seen is such a powerful turn on and thrill. I usually would stop and masturbate thru my lingerie under a street light. The orgasams are soooo incredible. In fact they are so intense, that I'll do this even when the outside temperatures are in the 30's. Have fun and be sure to keep us informed...please.

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