Music festival women!

I love how ridicuously slutty women are at music festivals! I remember once at a heavy metal festival, this woman, about 21, in the tent beside me was wearing a a very tight pair of leather (or maybe P.V.C) trousers. She had been drinking all day and was staggering about. At a certain point she bent over to get something out her bag when all of a sudden her trousers went, ripppp at the back and her tight little pussy was exposed to everyone! Being so drunk she barely noticed. She didnt change and that whole night she was walking around with her pussy exposed!

Feb 17

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    • My wife and I went to a bluegrass festival in Tennessee a few years ago, 2 day event, we met a couple guys, brothers, sleeping in a van they had parked we went to their van with them to smoke a joint and drink a few beers. it was hot in there so we offered them our motel room to share, I knew my wife would give us all some pussy and suck our dicks that night. My wife would be the fat girl that loves to fuck, she has short black hair, big fat tits and ass, her short hair made each of her tits look as big as her head, they wasn't but looked that way. My wife has a pretty face, I always thought it looked best when she had big dick stuck in it which she often did, 3 of us fucking a fat girl, 2 fucking her and 1 watching and jacking off, we tried a lot of different things, at one time we were dping her while she sucked the other ones dick. Listening
      to blue grass makes my dick hard even now.

    • I wear sneaks & short skirts everytime I go to a festival. I keep emergency cash hidden & act like I only have a few bucks. I don't have to look for a guy, one or more always come up to me. They pay for my food, drinks, tees & whatever else I want. I usually get railed during one of the sets, mostly at night. I have fun & get really cool stuff, the guys have fun & have a great story to tell. Then I go home & act like a normal 16 yo girl to my parents instead of the 21 yo wild child the guys think I am. I'm surprised I have not had any STDs.

    • I had a great time at Woodstock at Rome NY. Never had to give up any pussy for anything. I lost touch with the people I went with and lucked out by finding a really nice guy to ride home with. He didn’t ask but the last nite I was with him I made sure he was satisfied.

    • Do you wer panties under your skirt?

    • I have no choice but to wear panties as short as the skirts are that i change into after i leave home. My parents threaten to send me to one of those teen bootcamps for coming home late.

    • Nothing like teenage pussy and ass

    • To me; there's nothing better than at least one twtching dick pumping semen into my pussy at a festival when the sun has gown down.

      Festivals are the only place I act like a total slut. I let people at school think I'm a virgin.

    • I saw a 20 something girl crowdsurfing at a concert. Her top got pushed up and many guys were groping her tits. As she still got passed around her jeans got unbuttoned I could see half her ass and hands squeezing her before she disappeared. She was laughing nervously the whole time. I guess both scary and exciting at the same time.

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