Fantasy Becomes Reality

It was Thanksgiving time. My younger sister and I went and spent the weekend at our mother's place. She had plenty of drinks available. My sister and I shared the guest room. I always had a fantasy of doing my sister because of her wide hips and her having a sexy broad looking ass. I had dreams of pounding her her hot ass when she bent over in front of me and dreams of me jerking off onto her ass. I knew it was taboo and knew it was wrong of me wanting her wide bottom to pleasure my dick. I always hoped she had sexual desires for my cock but I knew better.
I guess the drinks enhanced my fantasy of pounding of her. We ate the dinner mom made for us and called it a night. I was on the cot mom placed for me in the guest room and kept looking at and staring at my sister and playing with my dick. It was hard from thinking naughty. She knew I was jerking off. "What I'm going to do will be our naughty secret." she said as she slipped her hand under my bed cover and removed it exposing my rod. She then exposed her top to me. I told her her small top doesn't do a thing for me, it was her wide bottom half that interest me. She exposed her bottom giving me a view of her fuzzy snatch that was between her wide hips. I guess our drinking made us horny.
She told me to get on her bed where it's better to be. To my surprise she began to blow me and asked what I wanted to do to her. "It would be considered as taboo, but who cares! " I told her to get on all fours so I can poke that ass! She stuck that ass out for me and fingered her clit in her fuzzy snatch. I rubbed my dick over her butt and squeezed the cheeks and slapped them gently. I guided my dick in her vagina and eased it deep in her. "Yes,yes, please me! " she blurted out and pushed that ass into me and clamped her vagina muscle on my dick while I held her hip. I didn't have protection on so I pulled out and shot the big load of cum all over her ass and back.
" Remember not a word about this to anyone." she tells me as she headed to take a shower. I asked her if I could watch. "Only if I could watch you stroke off to me."
We agreed to web cam each other while leaving mom and headed to our resident.

22 days ago

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    • I used to watch my sister while she baths and I thought it was my little secret. She is now married and two years back I visited her during a business trip to her city. Brother in law had to attend his Office and only we both were at her home. My sister while talking mentioned that she knew that I used to peep on her while bathing etc. I was surprised and felt guilty. She just told me do you want to see me nude again and just removed her dress and stood nude before me. I could not control myself and had a massive erection. My sister approached me and just removing my dresses and holding my Cock she exclaimed that it is much bigger than her husband's. We had a good sex that day and since she was on pills she allowed me to cum in her. She told me her husband who comes stressed from work is pre- mature ejaculater and after fucking her once in a while simply turns around and sleeps. She never experienced an orgasm with her husband. I felt too bad for her and promised to make frequent visits.

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