Dangerous phase

For someone who never fantasise about doing hebephilic acts but has found themselves highly stimulated to such materials.
There is a major attraction to the same age group that takes about 99% of my sexual preference. The 1% however, is the dark side where hebephilia lurks around.
Yet the mere thought of having it worries me in a way I can’t put it into words. I find myself looking at hebephilia pictures after having a long lusty haze session. If you know what I mean.
You have to understand it’s not the body alone that attracts me but the taboo and scarcity of the such pictures. I believe I am a hebephilia. Yet, there’s a turmoil that my major sexual preference makes me less of a hebephilia. Thus, making me feel a bit better about myself. Nevertheless, I knew that as long as I keep feeding the Wolf named hebephilia, that wolf will still have the energy to corrupt me deeper by it jaws. Forgive me for my dramatic writing style. I just want to know if there’s anyone like me. Female and Male alike

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  • You fancy yourself a hebephile, but 1 % isn't much of a qualification. We're all 1 % something else.

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