Daddy issues

I have rather weird fetish I think..
I have never seen my biological father and I love to have sex with older men because the thought of partner possibly turning out to be my dad is a major turn on for me.

I don't know if that would be the case if I knew my dad. Incest itself isn't all that interesting to me but now finding out somehow that he is my father when he cums balls deep in me is just something I would die for.

I know it's all kinds of wrong, but that kinda just makes it so much more sexier. I have had plenty of troubles because of my preference (obsession) of sexual partners and other mental/emotional issues that I have but still I do it despite the therapy and medications. Yay me.

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  • Raised by mom and step dad. Married a friend of my step dad’s, 25 years my senior, after dating for five years. I was 18 and pregnant with our third kid. My biological father showed up to the wedding, unexpectedly, with a girl my age, who was also pregnant.

  • This is very common and i suspect if you did find your biological father it wouldn't take long sex to start. You and your father would want to form a bond very quickly and the best way to do that is sexual intercourse. I personally would stop sleeping with different men and concentrate on finding your father and your need for therapy would be less required.

  • I have mummy issues fuck old women one in her early 70s I came so heavy and hard inside her she was tight and very willing to please.

  • I don't partciular have the same fantasy but I also have daddy issues. He skipped out when I was four and havent seen him since. I started having sex with older guys because it turned me on and they filled a need.

    By the time I was 19 I was fucking guys in the late 40s to early 50s. Even fucked one old guy in his 70s.

  • Daddy knows what you need, kitten.

  • I have daughter issues intensifies the sex when I imagine her

  • I have met and dated a few women just like you who have never met their biological fathers. They are crazy in bed wanting to please "Daddy"!

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