Flashing mil

One day about 10-years ago. I walked into an area between our bedroom and mil bedroom. This was a an open closet with doors from both bedrooms. On this morning, mil had just taken a shower and was naked drying her body. She was in her bedroom but the door was open. She was bent over drying her feet and she was facing towards me. Her huge saggy tits were hanging down making them look huge. I got an instant hard on. I watched as they swung from side to side for what seemed eternity but was actually a few seconds and I retreated into my bedroom without her seeing me.

Ever since this incident I have wanted to hold those tits in my hand. The more I thought about this my cock got rigid and I started dreaming of showing her my cock.

I went out of my way to put my self in a position where she would catch me jerking. I wanted her to see me discreetly in the belief that she Could see me but I don’t know she is watching.

I spent months doing this and on many occasions she would see me jerking and walk away embarrassed.

One day after my wife went shopping, she came and sat opposite me, about three feet away. I was reading a magazine. What chatting with her I got my cock out behind the magazine and started stroking. She could see the movement of my wrist but kept chatting. I got bolder and lifted the magazine a couple of inches so she could see my balls below.. I shot my load very quickly and after a while she left.

This set th trend for the next several year.

I went from exposing my balls to pulling the cock out briefly to dropping the magazine to getting a smaller magazine to getting rid of the magazine to video taping each session and posting on hamster.

This went on for almost ten years

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  • Good Neighbor built an outdoor open air solar heated shower. We have narrow 20 foot yards with 6' privacy fences on both sides. It is almost private. But we can clearly see it from our one 2nd floor window. They must know that and don't care. Heidi his wife is built like a brick shit house, late 30's. she suns herself nude sometimes but usually topless. During this pandemic she's home all the time. Every morning at 11 she takes her shower to my delight. Guess the sun heats up the water just right then. once or twice a week Bob fucks her in the shower,.
    Once I fucked my wife doggie style while watching them do the same 30' away.

  • I made approximately 400 short videos of mil and me.

    Many were of me wanking behind a magazine and many without the magazine.

    She would come and sit beside or opposite me almost everyday. I wanted to do many things. I wanted her to watch me masturbate mainly. I would look out of the window or the door and give her free access to watch so as not to embarrass her. Mostly I never really knew what would be on my video until I downloaded to my computer.

    Playing these short clips back in slow motion was a big turn on for me. I still get off on them three years after she passed away.

    I had a huge following on xhamster..

    I would adjust the various chairs so that she would get the best view possible, she was never more then three feet from me as I flashed her.

    I wanted to slide my hands down her blouse and cup those large saggy tits. I wanted her to touch me. I wanted to ejaculate over her face and in her mouth.

    I never had the courage to try any of these things. I was frightened that had I done something like this she would stop sitting opposite me daily and that is what prevented me from going further.

    I loved my mother in law and she me. We never ever discussed my actions. But she knew that I liked doing this and she probably got something from this. She never told her daughter.

    I miss her very much.

  • Did anything ever progress further?

  • Yes

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