Let me know

I want to hear from people who truly love to suck cock. Let me know why and what your preference is.
I only want responses from those who really love it and can’t get enough.

Apr 3


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    • Last poster. Big cocks are impressive but for the amount of time I like to suck cock, bigguns make my jaws ache. You can get more of a smaller cock in your mouth before gagging as well. Unless I ask them to, I don’t like my head being held or face fucked.
      I’m not keen on 69ing either. I can’t concentrate on getting and giving at the same time. Fortunately, I’m one of those blokes who’s quite happy to carry on playing once I’ve come I hope this and my post below helps and entertains you.
      Carry on Cock sucking!

    • I love sucking cock. Uncut, not to big and the bigger the load the better. I love how their breathing changes, thighs tense up (love muscley thighs) balls tighten and rise, cock pulsating, lovely salty pre come, his grunts and gasps then spunk flooding my mouth. Count the swallows as he gasps and jerks and shudders. I like to feel his balls and his contractions between his legs. Young guys have the strongest contractions but being 63 years old now, I don’t get young blokes anymore.

    • I love the idea of being on my knees between the thighs of a large black man with a a huge cock I am a straight man but know I would suck big black cocks uncontrollably because everytime I fantasize about it my cock gets rock hard as I kiss and lick his balls then as he dick slaps my face to get hard I put that big black beautiful cock head in .my mouth to get throttled so bad ,I just know I could suck black cock only and eat the cum because I simply love black cocks I know it sounds almost racial but I would of shared my wife with blacks just to jerk off and eat the cum out of her pussy,I would love to have large black cocks to cum in my mouth text me donaldlassleben4441@gmail.com

    • My wife loves sucking cock so much. She will suck for ages for her pleasure. It makes her so wet. She will comment as she sticks about how much she loves cock and sucking. She moans as my cock slides in and moans throughout the blowjob. She also loves to swallow.
      She has sucked off another guy while I watched. She prefers cut cock and also shaved/waxed.
      We have the same taste in cock and I want to suck cock so much too, but yet to find a guy or couple where he isn’t st8.

    • It’s frustrating to hear from all these great guys but no way to corespondent with them.

    • I love having my head caressed while his cock is down my throat. It is a loving touch that drives me to plead him more - a kindred connection of sorts. That moment of warm release into my hungry mouth - pure fucking ecstasy.

    • I'm a guy and I mostly like sucking off married guys. Part of it is, from what I can tell, a lot of women genuinely seem to hate it, so if you're sucking off a monogamous guy there's at least a decent chance he hasn't been sucked off in awhile, and I've also had guys tell me I'm better than their womenfolk, which is always fun to hear. There's also a heavy Dom/sub element to it for me; I like hearing and living up to the nasty names guys call me, and I love having a guy piss in my mouth while I'm nursing on him post-nut.

    • You didn’t mention what kind of cock you like to suck. Big, medium, etc. Cut, uncut.
      White, black. Someone who cums a lot. Do you like to lick the pre-cum?

    • If you really got to know about a 14 inch long 5 inches in diameter coal black skin shaved bald , uncircumcised with a ,after I peel it back,a large Carmel brown head my cock is hard right now thinking of sucking that 😋 and eating his cum of course


    • I like sucking any cock. I've sucked a bunch of little guys, though, and they're clearly not used to being treated right, they're always more appreciative. I like the LOOK of a nice, big, veiny cock with a well-defined head, but if I'm sucking it I prefer smaller.

    • I like it bigger. I want to get it down as far as possible.

    • I love you I think! I'm married and never get anything, much less head. Finding a guy to suck me off would be a dream come true.

    • I’m your guy!
      Where are you located?

    • Let’s get together and I’ll suck you off and swallow your cum

    • I would love to suck you off. I love cocks that are 8” and bigger. I can take the whole cock down and suck and lick all of your cum.
      Men give better blow jobs than women.

    • As a teen most guys can already suck a dick very well, it takes females longer to get really good, a 14 year old boy most of the time sucks dick better that young women.

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