Well to star with I am 17 years of age female quite fit and yes I am a looker as well. I run nearly 16 miles every morning up in the mountains and ,y favorite time of the year is October and November Why well hunters are out trying to bag game and on occasion I have been bagged as well. Blush. I'm kinda shy for I have lived a sheltered life but for the past year I started coming out of my shell, I'm no longer a virgin for I lost that 2 years ago to a timber wolf who I thought was my friend well he made me his and his alone. Never had a man yet came close last November to a hunter but he chickened out. can you imagine that just because my wolf showed up and scared him off. Anyone one want to email me we got sat in and it's awesome.

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  • They must grow some pretty good dope in them there mountains, for you to dream up a story like that.

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