Chance Meeting at the Conference

The conference was being held in Tulsa and my company selected me to attend it. On the first day, I was sitting in the back row when a handsome man sat down next to me. I noticed that he had a similar build as me. At a beak in the session we began to talk and I noticed that he was soft spoken. I told him that I was out of state and had a room nearby but no car. As the day wore on he and I became more at ease with each other.

After the meeting we went to a nearby bar that I suspected was a gay bar. As we chatted he asked what I was going to do that evening. I told that I would probably stay in my room. Then he invited me to come to his house for the evening, so I took him upon the invite. After we ate a small dinner we sat in the den talking and the conversation soon turned to sex. He asked me what I thought about men dressing as women. I told him that I saw some in the Philippines when I was in the service, and some were very pretty and sexy looking. I told him that if I ever saw one here in the U.S. that looked like them, I'd be tempted to take one out.

At that point he said make yourself an other drink, I'll be back in a little bit. Then he disappeared and I fixed me a drink. Wow what a beautiful surprise when she came walking back into the room. I say she, because he was dressed up as a woman.

"Can I be your date for tonight?" she asked.

"Yes I said." My cock twitching as I looked at this lovely creature.

She walked over to me and sat next to me on the sofa and reached over to lay her lips on mine. I had never kissed a man before or even thought of doing something of the sort. But she was a lady and soon our tongues were dancing with each other. she led me to her bedroom where we had sex the whole night long. She had a long slender cock that I enjoyed, hers being my first cock. The next day during one of our breaks she asked me if I'd like to dress up and I told her yes. We had a grand time during that week, especially at night in her home. I was fucked and drawn in to being a slut, wanting cock in both openings.

3 months ago


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    • This story really makes my cock jump. You EH's want-a-be cock ticklers have just shown yourselves, and every time you answer one of theses posts. Bet your mouths watering right now, isn't it honey?

    • Couple of real poofters EH ?

    • Bisexualliity is a legitimate choice. EH?

    • Queer choice you silly dickhead EH?

    • Yes, you would know, my queer duck.

    • A fag by any other name is still a fag!

    • Are you married?

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