Hate seeing Paul now

In 1995 I was 15, my best friend Anita was 16 and had 2 step brothers. Rickie was 12 and Paul was 10. When Anita's mom married the boy's father she was only 8 and hated the boys from the start. I know the boys mother died when they were small babies but Anita's stepfather got killed at work when she was around 13 I think. Anita's mom had a hard time after that and often worked two jobs. Anita was stuck babysitting the boys all the time and by the time she was 15 had the 2 boys terrified of her. Myself and another friend, Marta, we too were intimidated by Anita as she was clearly a control freak. There were many times I felt sorry for the boys but neither Marta or I ever questions or criticized her for how she abused them in front of us. I believe she intentionally enjoyed humiliating them. It began with spanking them and purposely bearing their butts , making them bend over and spank them with a belt. As time went on she often made them undress and spank them naked in front of both me and Marta. Both boys would cry each time and I often wondered if Anita's mom knew what she was doing to them. To make matters worse she seldom let them dress right away and either make them stand in a corner naked or just make them stand in front of us.

By the time Rickie was 13 he had pubic hair and this poor kid lit up like a red light when she made him undress and spanked him. She would never allow him to cover his genitals and made him bend over in such a way that his anus was visible to us along with his scrotum and penis. She did the same to Paul but poor Rickie was so humiliated I could never understand why he put up with her doing this to him. Anita was so intent on embarrassing him she would bring Marta and I upstairs to the bathroom as she made both boys get in the shower. Then when I think Rickie was near or maybe 14 Anita caught him masturbating one night and told Marta and I right away in front of him. She kept telling him how bad he was then made him undress. I couldn't believe it at first but she yelled at him and told him to show us how he does it. Rickie was standing there naked and crying his eyes out. I wanted to say not to do that but I never said anything I guess fearing Anita and Marta never said anything either. Anita kept insisting he jerk off and it seemed like forever before Rickie was able to get an erection. He cried the entire time and finally after a long time ejaculated onto the kitchen floor. Anita just screamed at him again telling him to clean it up, then said to go to his room. When he left she laughed and Marta and I did also even though I felt bad for him. That year She made made Richie jerk off many times in front of us and there was never once that he wasn't crying at the same time.
My senior year of high school my dad got transferred to Columbus and I talked to Anita on the phone sometimes but we lost touch over the years. I'm married now and work downtown and last year I saw Paul on the train. I spoke to him that day and he said he vaguely remembered me told me, Anita still lived in Cincinnati and that Rickie lived in Pittsburgh. We never talked about anything else. I still see him once in a while on the train or at the station but we never speak. He was around 12 when I moved so I'm sure he also remembers the humiliation Anita put him through. I can only imagine today whether Anita and Rickie have any kind of relationship together and truly would doubt it. When I spoke to Paul that one time it kind of embarrassed me because I was at their house several times a week. I never participated in embarrassing those boys but just seeing them naked so often sure caused them additional humiliation. I can't comprehend how awful it was for them to have Marta and me see them naked so often. I still think about it and have no idea how long it lasted or if Marta continued going there. The boys must hate Anita and I can't believe they could ever forgive her or for that matter forgive Marta and I.

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