Ok this is the most embarrassing thing I've ever done So I was 17 and I was at this party I was (regetibley) drinking beer and after two or three cans I cant remember witch but had some beer and got drunk then after one more can I think this guy came up to me and started talking to me I can't remember what he said but soon after I'm in this room making out with him and rubbing then after some long ass time he penitraits me and then we were fucking and I clearly remember the warm throbbing sensation of his penis in side of my vigina then he came in me! I think I sat there for awhile then masssuddenly he came back in the room with 5 more guys and I got fucked by all of them and they came on my boobs after I blew them I think. Then after that feasco i had to illegally get birth control and the worst part is I dident tell my parents or my current boy friend about what happened.

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  • Don’t take birth control

  • Welcome to the club of girls who drank to much and were taken advantage of by boys without brains or scruples.

  • Do not ever breath a word of this to your BF. Hell even if you were married you don't tell the hubby a flipping thing.

  • Whore

  • Everyone , see how the mighty have fallen! haahahaa!

  • They clearly fucked your brains out, because you can't spell for shit now.

  • Never tell anyone of this. don't put yourself into these situations unless you have some kind of control. 3 out of every 5 guys is a piece of shit.

    I hope it was fun, though, except the birth control shit

  • It sounds to me that you loved every second of it. It is some thing us girls dream about. Not rap. But falsed sex. To have one big cock after another is so dame sexy.

  • Some guys secretly dream of this too. don't know why? dirty factor?

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