Want to tell my wife about some things

I have been crossdressing since I was very young and only one person knew until recently and I told some gfs I know would be cool with that and help me, and my sister. I have been dressing up alot more often the past few years and even buying clothes shoes etc. Besides that I have not had sex of any kind with my wife in years and I have been thinking about taking her out for the weekend to another state and get her to dress me up and have her think it's her idea and since she is going to do my makeup hair etc I will tell her I will if I get to pick her outfit and make sure she has a good buzz and she has smoked a jay, before I tell her then I will keep her drunk and high, and have three pills for her and me to make sure she is horny and when we go to the gay bar to have a girls night out I will say let's make it interesting and see if she will flirt with other guys and CDs and we can't say no to any guy or CD if they ask either of us to dance or buy us a drink then get her to the bathroom and pull out a butt plug that vibrates and one for her pussy and I know she will say where is yours and I will give her mine and ask her to put it in me and after we are out dancing and flirting and drinking for a while and I ask her how she is feeling with the toys in her and flirting with guys and let them feel us up when dancing and encourage the petting and she will probably ask me before she answers my question and I will tell her that surprisingly it feels really good and think I I would want to do it again and ask what about her and I know drunk and horny and I said I really liked it and want to do it again and tell her I was watching her dancing with those guys and them feeling her breasts, ass and saw one slide his hand under her skirt and didn't take it out until after the song and saw her getting very excited while he was rubbing her pantyhose covered pussy and I could tell how much you liked it and didn't want him to stop yet and I will ask her if he was able to make her cum rubbing her and say either that's too bad maybe next dance or really that's awesome I hope you dance with more guys and get felt up all night to make her so horny and after the second pill and more shots and when she asks me if I have been getting felt up while I was dancing and I will tell her, are you kidding.... Then tell her I guess you missed it while I had two hands under my skirt rubbing on me and every one has been grabbing my ass and saying how nice it is lol and then I am going to ask her if she wants to get felt up more out there dancing and I hope so I was enjoying seeing another guy each dance with another and you getting into it as their hand stays under your skirt and I see you deep breathing with your eyes closed letting guys and CDs rub your pussy thru your pantyhose, and saw your hand rubbing on their cocks and even holding it and kissed them and I was really liking to watch it and you get so into it and hope you really are liking and enjoying it and was thinking about us do more girls nights out once a month or two. When she asks me I will tell her yes they are rubbing me there and a few asked me, do I think you would let them come back after here and if you would let them blow me and ask said she should she is getting a lot of guys rubbing her pussy and I said you would have to ask her, and that's why a little over an hour ago while I was sitting next to you and the other guy was on your other side rubbing your legs and you two were talking and I seen that all of the guys you had already danced with was only rubbing your titties thru your shirt and while you were so into talking with him and everything I was able to unbutton four of your buttons so the guys were able to see it and see your tits and had enough room to get a hand in your blouse and play with your nipples cause I know you love that and they had enough of the top unbuttoned they can open and get in to suck your titties all night and hope you are already and hope you get so much more horny and she asked if I liked getting rubbed all over and my dick and I said since you like seeing it happen and I said I will do anything you want to no matter what as long as you do too and with it in the silky, soft pantyhose I was liking how it feels she asked if I was rubbing any of the guys or the CDs I was dancing with and I told her I haven't yet but if she wants me to so you can watch it I will and almost did with the CDs and hopefully after she is rubbed to the point of no return and so horny about and hour before closing ask her if she wants more and if she hesitates which she shouldn't with all the shots and smoking and give her the third pill and tell her let's take it and wait twenty minutes and then you can ask me if I want to or want you to and vice versa so you can say what you think, but in the meantime I want you out there with some guys and get your pussy rubbed and titties sucked on as I reach over and unbutton all the rest of her buttons except the bottom one so the guys can really get a good feel of your tits and maybe dancing with a couple they will open your shirt enough and both start sucking your nipples at the same time and rubbing your pussy just in case after that dance we talk and you don't want want your guys to come to the hotel for after party and fun so at least you have gotten a good amount of being felt up by them and maybe next time get felt up more when I went you and me doing this more like once a month or two and we can let go here and have fun girls nights out and if you don't want to tonight but you can I am looking forward to it and when ever and what ever. After her couple of dancing and shots I will take out to her while dancing and the third pill to make us both horny if her guy is rubbing her legs like each one of them have been doing getting up to her pussy barely and rubbing and squeezing her inner thigh and I will rub her other leg and while doing that I will look at her and pull her leg over to my side so her legs are apart so the guy or other guys that come over can to and I think I will ask her to open her legs so they can get to her pantyhose covered pussy and if she opens her legs I will hold her legs and while she is letting her guy and any other rub her and when she is getting into it I will whisper in her ear that she should be returning the affection and rub his dick reach in his pants after she unzips and open his pants and she can get under his clothes and play with his cock and when she does start rubbing I will tell her she looks so fucking hot all night being felt up by eight different guys and see you like how good they are making your pussy and tits feeling that you play with every guy you have danced with and how much you are loving them doing it and you doing it to all of their cocks and that you know I am watching them feel you and you them And I love seeing you feel and get felt all over your body by so many guys and hope you are loving as much as I am loving watching and want to do this dressing up together and see you get any guy who wants to dance with you and feel you and know you are loving having so many feel you and I know you love having so many cocks in your hand playing with them and I will do anything you want me to and you what I want just tell me and we can or just you can and I will love watching you no matter what any and every time I know we haven't had sex in years but I have been masterbating to the thought of us doing what we have been all night and watching you do more and almost every night since we stopped I always cum so much and so hard to the thoughts of you and me watching and would love to and have been wanting to watch you so much for years and all I cum to..

3 months ago

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    • Why would gay men feel up your wife?

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