The big payback

My husband is a cheating SOB! I gained a little bit of weight (15 ponds) and he stopped having sex with me, we would do it like once a month and it was trash because he has low stamina and he's boring, he doesn't eat pussy or anything exiting, hes just a Internet creep, im a vary attractive women with a great body and i constantly get attention from men and women, my ex still wanted me very badly so i decided to get revenge on my cheating husband, i used his brand new truck to meet up with my ex and we had sex all over his truck! In the front seat! Back seat! On top of the truck! Then i let him cum all over me and the seats! It was amazing, i went home to my husband and had sex with him without showering first, he was licking my pussy! A-hole and everything,(shocking) kissing me in the mouth! I just laughed at that stupid cheating idiot, my husband went out of town and i invited the same ex over and we invited another female and we had kinky nasty sex all over my bed, i gave them a towel afterwards but i never washed the towel or the sheets, when my husband return 2 days later and took a shower i handed him the sex towel that my ex used lol and he layed on those same sex soaked sheets lol i just laughed again at that cheating stupid idiot, next im gonna screw his step brother that likes me..revenge is so sweet and nasty

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  • How do you know he is cheating on you?

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