I caught my aunt...

My aunt and her husband live on my way to work, so they often invite me over for dinner. They gave me a key eventually, so I drop by every now and then to say hello. He travels a lot, so I only see her most of the time.
One night, I walked in on her fucking some guy who definitely was not her husband, and she freaked out when she noticed me. She begged me not to tell a soul... and I do not regret to say that I've blackmailed her in exchange for sex. My perception of her changed the moment I saw her fucking that guy: she looked delicious, way too hot for her age, so I seized the chance.
She's an obedient fuckhole, and she's admitted that she likes being treated as such. She didn't have to say it, really, she cums more often if I fuck her hard while calling her dirty words. If I ask for her ass, she gives it to me. If I tell her I'll fill her, she begs for it (she can't get pregnant at her age, anyway). She's such a good fuck I don't really miss girls my age, really. I didn't know fucking family members was so fucking hot.

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  • A more experiences woman is bitter than a inexperienced one, you must have herd the saying a piano is better when its bee played

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