Fetishes and worsening my addiction

The prospect of becoming completely dependent on porn and masturbation, while scary, is incredibly exciting to me. Every day I watch more and more depraved porn, and I want to sink as deep as I possibly can. Whenever I'm alone, I will have days where I do nothing but try and cum as many times as I can. I will wank myself into exhaustion on purpose, which only makes me more horny. I have tried edging multiple times, but never mastered it as I cannot keep myself from cumming for longer than like an hour lol. I have never had sex and probably never will, but I don't care. Some of my fetishes are pretty sick and I could probably never share them with someone in real life. When it comes to porn, I almost exclusively watch vomit and anal porn, but I want to get into worse stuff (the only thing I will never get off to is scat and furry stuff, but other than that, I will watch anything).

Another thing that get me really excited, is to go on twitter and look for extreme thinspo posts. The thought of girls forcing themselves not to eat, and to throw up in order to stay thin makes me incredibly hard. I know it's really fucked up, but I don't interact with these people and I would never encourage or force anyone to do these things.

Furthermore, when my dad was still dating his ex, I would go through her daughter's (same age as me) room and her laundry basket, and look for dirty panties. I would sniff her panties almost every single day, and I would cum so hard from the smell of her dirty, brown asshole. I stole several pairs from her, without her ever noticing. Whenever the smell would disappear, I would stain them with my cum and wear them in public.

Another thing I've started doing in recent years is piss vandalism, and I love messing up public restrooms. I will fill up my bladder till I almost piss myself, then go to a somewhat public restroom and piss absolutely everywhere. On the floor, the walls, garbage bins, door handles, in soap dispensers and such. I want to get to a point where I never piss in the toilet itself when in public. The only thing stopping me from doing it, is the fear of getting caught, but I try as hard as I can to get over it cause it gets me off so hard. I will legit cum without touching myself, just from standing naked in a public restroom that's covered in my piss. It sounds insane but it's true.

If anyone can relate to any of this, feel free to comment. Anyone here to berate me for my fetishes, I don't care, so don't waste your time. When it comes to piss vandalism, the reason I don't feel bad about doing it is this; if my fetishes and depraved acts make me more happy than it inconveniences others or harms them, why would I not do it? Since the overall happiness in the world is going up, it doesn't bother me that cleaners have to deal with my messes (granted, leaving a mess for others to clean is a big part of what makes it hot)

Mar 14

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    • I like to shit in places then jack off and spray my shit with cum. Last summer on Long Island dime guido with a ragtop BMW was being a dick at the restaurant I was working at. Next time he came in I told the chef to be slow on his order. I found out where he parked his car and I took a big shit in his driver seat, and smeared more on the dash…thst was suede..then I rubbed one out and shot my cum on the steering wheel. The cheap loud mouth fucker deserved it and more.

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