I plan on getting caught by MIL again...

I have a thing for flashing and getting caught masturbating by my MIL. In the past I have flashed her by walking past the spare bedroom we have which she uses when she stays. I have made it pretty obvious by walking passed completely naked several times and she now knows I have a thing for flashing her! Recently (after a few drinks) I told her I was sorry for my behaviour and she said she forgave me because she thinks of me like a son. I also said I was grateful that she had never told my wife. She laughed that one off and said "it's fine". This is the backdrop where my latest story begins; last week she stayed for two days / one night whilst the wife was away with work. I sat up with my MIL watching TV and at about 10pm i told her I was going to bed. I knew this would prompt her on to head to bed as well. So I let the dog out, brought him in and them headed to bed. The dog usually sleeps in a dog bed in mine and the wife's room but when the wife isn't around the dog wonders around the house like a lost lamb (i obviously knew this). So I closed my door ajar, got a couple of porn mags out, laid them on the floor, took my clothes off and started masturbating. I desperately hoped the dog or something else would cause a problem that would require me to run out of my room (naked) or for my MIL to knock on my door (to which I was going to answer naked). Within a five minutes however I heard movement outside my door so I sat on the edge of my bed, facing the door. My cock was semi hard, dangling loose in full view. Then she just walked in (without knocking) passed my porn mags on the floor, picked up the dog bed and walked out! She knew exactly what I'd been up to!! I find this a major turn on. She didn't look directly at me but the close proximity means it is impossible for her not to have seen me out of the side of her eye. I have masturbated over that thought several times now. I'm really looking forward to the next time she stays over; 0). We have a good relationship and I somehow get the feeling she is willing to put up with my pervy acts because of the numerous favours I do for her and how involved I keep her with the kids etc. QUESTION: Am I being cruel to her?

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  • No, not cruel, not even close. However, if you and the wife ever have an unrepairable falling out, don't be so foolish as to think MIL will remain mum about your flashing, porno inspiration, and flogging your log. No, that's when you'll find out what the expression, " colder than a mother-in-law's smile " is all about.

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