The day my mother in law saw me naked

My mother in law was coming to spend the weekend at our house and my wife and I were doing last minute cleaning before she came over, my wife was downstairs vacuuming. I was in the upstairs bathroom and had gotten soaking wet after running the shower to rinse off the shower walls. Since I was in the bathroom and across the hall from my bedroom I decided to take my wet clothes off and walk across the hall to get some dry clothes. I was in the act of tossing my wet clothes into the laundry hamper just next to bedroom door when I noticed multiple people. There was my mother in law and my wife sitting on the bed and me fully naked standing in the door way surprised. Neither one of them said a word but both just stared right at me. I'm not sure how long I stood there but my thought process went into "Fight or Flight" mode and I said "Oh, sorry." and turned around and walked back into the bathroom and shut the door. While I was in there all I could think about was "Fuck, she saw me, so did my wife, this is going to change everything". I waited until I heard them go downstairs and then a few more minutes. When I figured it was safe I went back to my room, the coast was clear, and I got dressed. About 20 mins had passed and I went down stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me was my mother in law and my wife, and I knew we were all going to talk about this right now instead of later. I decided to break the ice and said "am I wearing enough clothes now?" and without missing a beat my mother in law pulls up her shirt and bra and flashes me her breasts and says "there, how's that, are we even or do you want to see my puss too?" and reaches down to grab her pants. I said "NO, I'm good!" as my entire face flushes red and my heart beats super fast. The whole time my wife just stands there speechless and shocked. I don't know if she said anything, I can't remember. Part of me wanted to say "YES, show me!" but I knew my wife was right there and our kids were in the house, so nothing was going to happen and I wasn't going to cheat on my wife, but every guy has had that fantasy and we all have google searches for "Sex with mother in law, mother in law saw me naked, I saw my mother in law naked, guy fucking a mother and daughter, etc". Nothing was expanded upon after that interaction and the subject quickly changed. My mother in law left later that day saying she had decided to get a hotel instead of staying in our guest room in the basement (so much for cleaning the entire house). That night my wife and I had sex but it was hard not to think about my mother in law's breasts. My wife and I talk about our fantasies while having sex because she's been in a threesome with another woman and I haven't so she always indulges loves to hear me talk about women I see at work or while I'm out shopping because it turns her on a lot and we have great sex. I am always honest about my sex fantasies and that night I let slip that I had a fantasy about having sex with her mother ever since my mother in law had told me that she hadn't had sex in 7 years, so I told my wife I would be willing to help her mother out of her dry spell if she ever asked me too. My wife's reaction was to get really wet and tight, which caused me to get harder and cum. But from that day on for about the next 5 weeks it was impossible to have sex with my wife without having images of her mother pop into my head because they had nearly identical breasts, right down to the size and color of their areolas and big suck-able nipples, it was just that her mothers were a bit more aged and sun-spotted from all of her tanning. I haven't seen my mother in law naked since that day, nor has she seen me, and none of us has spoken of it since.


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  • Yes a couple different times. Her sister wss much younger than her when we first met. The first time she seen me, she was with a friend of her and my wife was not home yet. I mas in the military and my wife and I were staying at her moms until we found our own place.
    One day, I came home from work and went to my room to change clothes. The doors were sliding doors not the normal shining doors with door knobs.
    I started taking my uniform off and noticed the door was cracked about an inch or so by the reflection in the mirror. I also noticed some prying eyes in the mirror as well. I pretended not to noticed and stripped all the way down, turning around so the could see everything. I walked around the room a bit, and as I did theyd move away from the door only to return moments later.
    I started to get a little aroused, so I sat on the edge of the bed facing them and began to slowly fluff my dick up. After a while I was hard as a rock, laying back n the bed, with my dick standing straight in the air. The whole time I was stroking it, i could see them in the full length mirror watch me, until I came all over my stomach and chest.
    After watching me finish, they ran outside and I could hear them laughing and talking about what they seen.
    The second time, she was staying the night with us. My wife and i typically slept in the nude, and one morning my SIL knocked on the door and started talk to my wife, the wife told her to come in. They talked forever, to the point she sat on the side of the bed. The blankets on my side were such, that my entire dick was exposed. The whole time sge sat there. She'd glance at my dick. The more she looked, the harder it got. Although, I didn't do anything with it at the time. It gave her one heck.of a show.

  • My younger sister has seen me fully nude while I was drying my hair after bath. Our bathroom door lock was broken, so it was not possible to lock. She just barged in and was staring at my nude body when I lowered the towel from head to dry my body. She just saying came to wash her hands and went to wash basin and washing her hands walked away.

  • You should have a talk with her one on one. Seems that she really enjoyed watching you and wanted more from her. You should give it to her. I bet she would calm down.

  • My stepdaughter saw me naked. She was 19 and living with me and her mother at the time. Me and my wife's bedroom was right next to the downstairs bathroom. In the early morning before work I would walk naked to the bathroom. I came out one morning to my stepdaughter standing in the bathroom. I froze not nothing what to do. She looked down at my cock and said very nice as she walked past me.

  • You seemed equally as worried about your wife seeing you. You don't have a wife or MIL, do you ?

  • Yes, I am married. Yes, I do have a mother in law. My wife was standing right there when it happened, she's seen me naked and it was my house, so I had no initial worry she would see me naked walking into my own bedroom. Yes, I was shocked that my mother in law saw me naked, but even more so because my wife was sitting on the bed next to her, which obviously would mean that I was worried that my wife saw me naked because I had no idea how she would react or how our relationship would change now that her mother had seen me naked (and not just me telling her it happened, nor me trying to keep it a secret and then having my mother in law tell her it happened). No, I was equally if not more so worried my wife saw me naked and it would change the relationship between her and her mother. In the end it did change for much more personal reasons and we stopped talking to my mother in law and haven't spoken to her in nearly two years. I'm 40 now, and my mother in law is in her mid 60s, so she thinks my wife and I are too old to have children anymore and kept telling me to get a vasectomy, which is ultimately the reason we stopped talking to her, along with her other mental issues (i.e, why the fuck would she flash me her tits and offer to show me her vagina right in front of her own daughter just so we could be on even grounds again....?). So, either you believe me or not, but there are even more fucked up stories out there and this didn't even involve anything sexual between my mother in law and I.

  • No, he's probably all of 14 years old.

  • My gf’s mom would come into her bed room while I was sleeping and pull the covers down because her sister told everyone I sleep in the nude. Anyway on more than one occasion I’d wake up and mom would be at the foot of the bed in her robe with a zip down front.with her hand down around her crotch. I rolled over the first time I woke up and surprised her.. Oh she says and backed up in to the bathroom were she stayed for few minutes. I figure now that she stayed in there long enough to finish what she started... she used to say oh my, my robe popped open, when she’d got caught!. Mom didn’t have a husband so she’d use my young strong nude body to help her out.

    100^ true and authentic story.

  • OMG, Your MIL saw you naked, showed you her tits, also offering to show you her pussy. If that wasn't a hint she wanted you to fuck her....

  • We haven't spoken to my mother in law in almost two years. We always knew something was wrong with her in the head and turned out that she was a Narcissist, Bi-Polar, and had PTSD from being in the military. We stopped talking to her because whenever she visited us she started off nice and by the second night she would always corner me and tell me to get a vasectomy and stop getting her daughter pregnant, that her daughter wasn't a baby making machine. We just had enough and cut her out of our lives because of all the crazy shit she said and did. She has never accepted that she has problems beyond PTSD, but if she finally does admit it and gets the help we might start talking to her again.

  • Oh yeah, the stories are leading up to more!

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