Sister in law seen naked

Long story short I had to take a leak after a conversation with my brother. I went to the bathroom. The door was slightly open so i did a quick knock and opened the door. As soon as I did I heard the water running but it was too late. Saw my sister in law bare naked, front towards me, and I quickly took it all in and said sorry and shut the door. Happened in half a second.

I jerked off to the memory of her naked a few hours later when everyone went to bed.

Now I keep thinking of her.

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  • I used to have regular sex with my single sister-in-law. It started off with some gentle flirting that led to a hand job when we shared a hot tub. It didn't take long before we were fucking regularly. She's more adventurous than my wife, sex in a car park etc and she gives great blowjobs. My wife is good but I'm not allowed to cum in her mouth whereas SIL has no problems with it. SIL has a regular boyfriend now so my 'extras' have ended. Good while it lasted though!

  • I saw my wife's sister naked and now I need to get eye transplants after I poked them both out with a hot fireplace poker.

  • I've looked down my sister in law's top a few times and looked at her arse in tight jeans. She is definitely one for the wank bank.

  • I saw my mother in law naked. It was Christmas and we all traveled to Florida for the holidays. My wife's great aunt is richer than God. She has a 15 bedroom house outside of Orlando. Her husband was some rich businessman or something, hell I don't really know. Anyway, so we are there, it's Christmas morning, and my wife asks me to go to her parents room and get some fucking womans hat her mother said she could wear. So I head on up and in the door. Supposedly her mother was in the room getting things ready for Christmas. What she had done instead was take a shower. So when I walked in, she was standing there completely naked. You would think a major reaction would have taken place. Maybe her trying to cover herself while screaming to get out, and me covering my eyes while trying to back out of the room, but that's not what happened. I stood there staring at her, she stood there calm as could be not even trying to cover herself. I told her she had a nice body, which she did, and she said Thanks. I then told her my wife sent me to get some hat. She walked over to the closet, still completely naked and retrieved a hat, handing it to me. I said Thanks, but just stood there staring. She asked if I needed anything else. I wanted to say I needed her pussy, but I said no, nothing else. She then asked if I could leave now so she could finish getting dressed. I said sure and left.

  • Our gang rents a beach house There's a 6 head outdoor shower for use by ours and 3 other townhouses. Nothing weird but it's coed nude happy hour around 4 PM. Over the years I bet 50 women when were both naked. My sister in law likes to shower with me. She feels more comfortable with me there. Now my wife likes when she's the only girl -- said some guy is going to fuck her in there. "They seem happy with blowjobs-- you should see how big some are" she kids. I told her she shouldn't be looking. "Everybody looks."

  • Pretty normal, really ! I've frozen images all my life, to be jerked-off to, later on.

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