Mother i law

I was married about a year
We lived next door to my wifes parents.
My mother inlaw was in her early 40s
I was 21 at the time.
She was petite like my wife but never really was attracted to her till one night i was upstairs and saw the light come on next door. I looked and it was my mother inlaw. Lets call her Lisa. She was in bathroom. The bathroom had a curtain but from second story window you could see over it and the entire bathroom.
Frozen i watched her undress and get into shower.
I got hard immediately. She looked amazing for her age. A milf? Her tits saged some but were small with dark nipples . A flat stomach and her bush was a bush. My wife shaved almost bald.
That night i had sex with my wife and came like never before.
A few days later Lisa stoped over with laundry. We didn’t have a washer so did it at their house.
My wife was at work so i made small talk and commented how good her tanned legs were looking.
She was wearing shorts and a t shirt and smiled sorta embarrassed her some ans thanked me.
Later we were in back yard and i could not get that image out of my mind of her undressed. It was June and sunny she was pulling weeds around the house. I said getting more sun?
She looked up and smiled and said yes and went back to pulling weeds.
I helped her and after a bit we sat down on deck and she got a pepsi for us both. We talked and i kept checking her legs out she saw me and looked down. I spoke up and said sorry didn’t realize hiw sexy my mother inlaw was.
She smaked me in arm playfully and stop it. And thats as far as i got because my father inlaw pulled in was home from work.
I went to work that night and the next day i woke up in early afternoon i get up and look out and she was taking clothes if the line. She had on shorter jean shorts and a tank top. I step out on my porch with my coffee and set down watching her hang clothes.
She was barefoot and was getting worked up watching her streach up to hang up the clothes then bend over and get more.
She saw me and looked around and said good morning sleepy head.
I work nights so don’t get home till 6 am and usually sleep till afternoon. She smiled and went back to hanging clothes.
A hour later she came over with more laundry
I was wearing just my shorts and no shirt.
I was checking her out looking her up and down she caught my eye and said stop it playfully and set the basket on the table and left looking over her shoulder smiled as she walked out.
The next day was Friday. My wife worked till 4 my father inlaw didn’t get home till 3:30 .
I don’t go to bed on Friday usually stAy up to get so i can sleep that night. It was 7 am my wife just left and i was sitting on back deck drinking coffee. Lisa comes out and comes over with her coffee and sits with me. This is nit unusual just this time im looking at her differently.
She had just got up. Had on a t shirt that went halfway to her knees. I was trying to see if she had on shorts or was in her underwear.
She ignored or didn’t notice my checking her out.
I could tell she had no bra on and yes i was getting excited sitting alone with her half naked.
So we just sat there small talk and she said her washer had a small leak. I said i could look at it so we headed over to her house.
At this i could see through her shirt some as I followed her with the sun shining i could see she only had panties on under her shirt.
We went to laundry room and she pointed behind dryer leaning up and over the too to show me .
I came up beside her. At this point I only had sweats on and was going to have trouble hiding my hardon if I wasn’t careful. I see its just a lios fitting and reach over and was able to turn it tight and stop the leak. We were clise together as she watched when i leaned back straight we were in close quarters and i said what eould the neighbors say if they walked in and saw us both half dressed in here together playfully.
She laughed and smaked my bare stomach playfully and said stop that and went to turn i raise my arms up around her waist and playfully tickle her sides and she jerks laughing and stumbled back against me. I lean down and kiss her on the neck and she got quite.
I was on full auto pilot now.
I kept kising her neck and my arms slide around her hugging her to me. She was still and i move up and nibble on her ear and i feel her hips lean back and press against me my stiffy pressed against her ass.
Everytime i moved to her ear she would press into me harder. My mind was even thinking.
I reach down and oull my hand up against her mound. And press my finger between her lips through her panties.i slip them down and she turns tiward me i pull her up on dryer she started to resist and said we can’t do this as i lean against her and kiss her on lips for furst time.
Holding the kiss i reach down and slide my sweats down enough to free my cock and before we break kiss i thrust forward holding her tightly andshove into her as deep as i could go.
We were both sweating and i pull away Looking at her with pure lust as i thrust into her over and over. My sweats fall to my ankles
She cums awuickly i can feel her tightening up and then moaning out hugging me tightly as i can feel her hips meeting my thrust.
I am hard and on edge as ever and i was woried about her getting pregnant so i pull out and shoot my load all over her bush.
We were both drenched with sweat and i oick her up and take her through door next to us into the bathroom.
She was quite and i pull her shirt off she covers her tits like she is embarrassed. She acted like a shy girl having her first experience with a man.
We git in shower together and with her back to me I started kissing her neck again.
We got out and i was getting hard i take her hand and lead her to the living room. We start kissing and end up on carpet and I quickly enter her again. She wraps her legs around me and i pin her to floor and every thrust she would let out a cute sex moan i stop and we get on couch and she straddling me i hold her and lower her on me.
She won’t look me in eyes she leans forward kissing me on the nexk and starts trusting her hips forward grinding my cock in her i grab her ass and hold her tight on me thrusting my hips upwards feeling like i am bottoming out in her and i unload into her as she climax with me.
She lay on my shoulder and catching her breath
Starts crying some.
We hold ech othe and she kept telling me she was sorry. After awhile we just set there holding each other with me still half hard inside her.
The situation was loving as we held each other she nuzzled my neck and i ran my fingers through her hair as i hold her.
I start getting hard again as i feel her breathing on my neck and start getting hard again.
She raised her head and looked at me.
I kiss her and roll oher iver keeping inside her and we make love and fuck hard on the couch for another hour both of us not talking just kissing and fucking.
We had an affair for several years whenever we were able to be alone.
Never got caught or wanted to stop.


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  • My MIL who is mid 40's now was the one who came on to me. She had flirted with me the whole time I was dating her daughter. She was super excited when her daughter and I said we were getting married. Then on our wedding night she kissed me on the mouth. Three years into our marriage she got really bad. She walked in on me in the shower several times and asked if she could get in. I told my wife, but she brushed it off as harmful fun. Then she flew down to Florida for her brothers funeral, he died in a car accident. So she gets down there and decides she wants to drive back. She calls and wants me to fly down and drive back with her. I said No, but my wife pushed me to do it. I'm not sure if I was mad at my wife for it or If I was just horny, but we stopped for the night and my MIL took a shower. She came out totally naked. To be honest she really had a nice body for being 20 years older than me. My dick got hard seeing her naked, so I didn't fight it when she came over to me laying on the bed and started rubbing my dick. I just laid there and let her unzip my pants, take out my dick, and start sucking me. Then she pulled off my pants and all I did was lift my ass up a bit. I watched and enjoyed as she crawled on top of me and slid her pussy down on my dick. She grinded on me and orgasmed. I then took control and fucked her, cumming inside her. Afterward she tried to say we shouldn't have done that, and we should never tell anyone. I agreed, but she still flirts with me and I'm pretty sure she would still fuck me if given the chance again.

  • I had a affair with my mother-in-law fir several years.
    Always loved milfs.
    She was easy to seduce i just flirted with her every time no one was around.
    One time i came up behind her my wife was at work and father in-law was also.
    I jugged her and started kissing her neck.
    It quickly escalated and we fucked fir over 10 years.
    No one ever knew and dhe acted perfectly normal when we were all together.

  • I fucked my mother inlaw up against her washer. She lived across town, single for many years, but very attractive. I'm not sure why she never dated, she probably could have gotten herself a younger man easily. Anyway, It was storming out and it had rained a lot. She had been out to see one of her girl friends and was coming home when she missed the driveway and got stuck in the ditch. She called and I went over to pull her out. In the process I got socked. So we go inside to her laundry room where she tells me to take off my clothes so she could wash them. I failed to tell her I was commando and when she turned to face me, she saw me completely naked. A little playing back and forth, and before long I have her from behind fucking her while she's bent over the washer.

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