Lockdown with Mom

What i am gone say is so taboo happened to me it will be a long one story
my name is Jay, i am 20years old studying in college i had good sexual life with my girlfriend my life was too good my father passed away when i was 10 my mother was a business women and good mom she did everything best for me.
i was having pretty well high life. I was in college hostel when the college suddenly issued a leave for 2weeks due to the coronovirus so i went back to my home believe me it was very tough to live in house and doing nothing my mom she also was fully staying with me we played games and chilling i was watching netflix all the time and making out with girlfriend in video call about my mom she was 40 and she had great body like 36-24-36 but at starting i had strictly no bad intention she looks like amazing and she was mt inspiration to have good body so she trained me in schooldays i was like slim but with a nice body packs she was athletic in her college days so she was like me real gym master essentially it was a great when i was in college it was easy for me to catch up with girls i had 8inch cock and real way better stamina so my gf fuckes me like hell
In lockdown it was difficult for me to masturbate because mom was always roaming completely around the house for one thing or other so one day she went to grocery and will be back in a hour so after she had gone i locked the house and was masturbation heavily she suddenly opened the door with a spare key as she forgot to take mask
she saw me doing and was shouting like what the hell i felt so quite embarrassed and 20% of guilt it was like lot of shame for me she was like making fun of me for the whole day but at night she came to me and advised
its good to masturbate some times but she insisted me not to watch porn as they have really bad influence blah blah balh
at night we started watching netflix dark series the whole night we liked the series so much the sex scene made me hard but it was mom who was near me i felt so strange she noticed me having hard on my pants and she was literally laughing and started making for of me we completed the series it was weird of the family tree my mom was like at the end its very inappropriate relationship to have with aunt we later slept on coach at night not knowingly we started to cuddle i was hugging her too tightly thinking she was my gf suddenly i woke my and realised my mistake her hand was in my pants touching my dick and it was hard and my head was in her boobs i felt so guilty and horny at same time i rushed back to my room i was insanely confused what did i do and later next day we were both talked lot about the series and the nasty relationship happened between the series at night she said she wanted to cuddle me and sleep as she really like to cuddle me i was being dirty in my mind i said its fine at night we were hugging so tight around midnight i had a boner and i was hitting her pussy with my cock and she was slow moaning i had guilt and i took a step back she woke up and asked what happened i said i need to go bathroom but she understood what the problem is and she started laugh i was uncomfortable and said sorry to mom and explained everything i said sorry a lot of time and she was like its totally natural and explained its wrong but it was fine and she was happy that i shared the truth i truly loved my mom at that moment i asked her wheather she could go back to room so i could masturbate and sleep and she gave naughty smile and went to her room
after she had gone i started to pull out my trouser and started to do my work i was quite surprised how did my i get so much boner my dick was like steel rod it was my first time eventually with increasing in height
after some time mom knocked the door and she wanted to talk with me
so she came i hid my thing with a pillow
this was the conversation
mom: did you mastrubate
me: no, you interrupted in between as usual
mom ; I want to say something listen with patience and give me proper reply i have never ever been with anyone else rather than your father we had very active sexual life before his death i know its totally gross to talk like this but i really want to say can i eat your cum
me : you are literally kidding me
mom : i have done with manytimes with your father and i really like to do i swallowed manytimes i miss that so you can just masturbate when you cum i want to swallow please i will do whatever you want i know its very wrong to do with you but just do it for once
nothing more no kissing or touching me
me : sorry mom i cant do it
mom : after lockdown i will give you my car for a month deal?
me: deal ( who can really bail out on Mercedes benz )
i took my beadsheet out and started stroking
mom : did you take any pills
me: nope
mom : then why its so hard and big
me : stop talking
i was stroking ..............
after 15minutes
mom : can you do it fast
me : i am trying
my throat was completely dry
i tried spiting my saliva into my dick, she understood my throat was dry she laughed at me and she splited a lot of saliva and she started to stroke my cock and said this is just for one last time but after 10minutes she was pissed off and she gave me a blowjob i never ever thought she would give me blowjob she knew the trick she made me cum in less than 2minutes and sucked my tip it was the best blowjob ever i have got i asked her how she did do she said licking the dick sperm vain will cause you to cum quickly its so simple just lick the balls and move out licking the back of the dick to the tip and she also liked the taste of my cum i had guilt but thinking that she liked made me horny
next day it was good we never spoke on what happened at night we were watching a movies there was a sexual urge in between in me i wanted to make out and i felt she also want to do so i grabbed courage and saw her we were seeing each other eyes i could feel her breathing i knew it was my moment i grabbed her waist and kissed her lower lip i could really feel her soft lips in between me she closed her eyes i was passionately kissing her lower lip and she gave her tongue and i was blowing her tongue with my lips its was the perfect kiss i could ever ask after 2minutes she pushed me and slapped me and she went to her room i felt so much guilt the way she slapped me my cheek became red and it was paining she locked her room i went near the door and said sorry. time was 10 pm and i was in fucked up situation i was totally cursing myself..
Around 12 i saw her in online so i sent her voice message saying i am deeply sorry and i was really stupid
after 10 minutes she came to my room she sat next to me and smiled
mom : its natural, its been 2 month its feel like house arrest and you had no option rather than me in this house you had lot of lust towards your own mom
me : mom i am so sorry
mom : you know i was in exact same situation like you i have controlled my sexual urge for almost 9 years. i am sorry than i slapped you when you kissed me. I felt the same kiss before 9years and i really want to have more now.Can we have sex ?. dont say anything
she pulled me to bed and she started to remove my dress she did"t want me to say anything we started kissing so madly slowly i removed her dress and i kissed her shoulder neck she was so aroused i was like kissing her whole body for 20minutes she had the perfect boobs i was playing with that after some time she removed her panty for me i felt like the beautiful pussy i have ever seen she was blushing a lot i massaged her pussy with my tongue and she was quite surprised from where did i learn this my tongue was liking her pussy lips. My whole tongue was in her pussy and she reached orgasm i took my tongue immediately she was moaning heavily and she was so horny i was licking her clint and moved onto her leg suddenly she took my dick out and gave a quicke blowjob after that i slowly pulled my dick onto her pussy she was so tight i was feeling my skin would rip of but it was pleasure she was shouting like hell then she raided me in cowboy position she couldnt take my whole dick in her pussy so we did in slow way after 1 hour around she was getting her 2nd orgasm and she wanted me to cum in her pussy so i thought i would enter my whole dick in her pussy she was totally in pain after 10 minutes we both had our climaxed she was tired and time was 2am . I asked her did it pain
mom: can you show me your ass
me: why
mom: just turn
she started licking my ass hole and it felt to great to enjoy and slowly she inserted her finger and i was in no condition to hold just one finger it was terribly pain after that we slept nudely

At Morning i had guilt and constantly thinking about that at breakfast she said it was the best sex she ever had in her life and she once again want to ride me again
I don"t know what to do should i continue or not
I Hope you guys give your honest comments and i am so sorry if there is grammatical error it was my first time having sex with my own mom and writing a blog



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  • Yes continue. Obviously you both like it

  • We continued and exploring a lot

  • Good for you!!

  • My parents are mental what can I do to reduce cat stresses on us driving us mad during lock down.
    - tarp over bed- help clean litter boxes- quickly clean chuck ups- remove them away from me or each other- felaway- clean the house- tell mum exactly how you feel. why won't she clean the kitchen floorher clothing in the back room, chuck on the floor. - everyone needs to put more in and step up.
    - stop copying me mum with clothing acting like old bo didly . get yourself a boner and dad get yourself a gindog niggar bully boe-yang whore bore now and fuck off if you think I abuse you. cuz you abused me copying me and how dare you. how dare you copy me and going through my diary.

  • Poor soul

  • I don't know what came over me and my 20 year old son Bob. I'm 40 and not had a boyfriend or lover in 13 years. But we have been basically lockdown in our apartment now since early March. Four days in, we were watching a movie on the couch and a long sex scene started. Then I felt Bob stroking my hair and I just snuggled next to him. I only had a very sheer short t-shirt on and no panties. It road up and my pussy was showing, I knew he could also see my boobs as my shirt was a v neck. A few minutes later his hand was between my legs and I just opened them and he masturbated me until I came. We were kissing the whole time like horny teenagers. We ended up going 69 on the couch we both orgasmed again and I swallowed cum for the first time is 13 years.

    Since that night we can't stop touching each other and having sex of some kind. I've swallowed more cum in 4 months than I had previously in my life . And sex, we have been fucking 4 or 5 times a day. More on weekends, I always want Bob's cock in me, him to cum inside. His cum is constantly dripping out of me. I have sit on towels so the couch is not ruined.

    I'm not on the pill, we only bareback and he cums in me. I rap my legs around him so he can't pull out. I'm 2 months late, now, we both hope I'm pregnant.

    We have fallen in love.

  • I would love to have my seedin my mom

  • Who wouldn't! Mother/don sex is hot!

  • Mother/son sex

  • It’s really nice first I felt guilt after seeing her how much she needed it feel so nice and wonderful I am really enjoying

  • There's nothing better than the first time you cum inside your mother!

  • I almost never pull out of my mom when I'm coming. I love having my cock inside a warm wet pussy as I'm ejaculating. I just got done fucking my mom doggy style. She had her ass in the air so I could watch my cock fucking her pussy. i came so hard!

  • Never understood the whole pulling out thing!! Especially with relatives. I never pulled out of my sister once!

  • So you started and liked it. Go on! Anyway I do not believe you can stop.

  • I agree!! More mothers should be encouraged to have sex with their sons, especially during teen-age years and testosterone levels increase. Also, increases the a natural bond between a mother and son.

  • I just started fucking my mom 3 weeks ago and it is fucking FANTASTIC!! Because it's incest, it's even hotter. I've always wanted to fuck a hot MILF, and here I am living with one getting all the pussy I want!!

  • It's great you and your mom have started a sexual relationship! Incest is hot. Having sex with a family member is like having super charged sex and everything feels more intense! Incest really is the best!

  • I am not sure about that i feel so much guilt
    contact me jsurya984@gmail.com
    if you like to talk

  • Guilt about what? I won't email because of confidentiality reasons. What you've done is amazing!! It's something I should of tried when I lived at home.

  • Definitely continue! You're so lucky! I'd love to fuck my mum!

  • It sounds like your mother really enjoyed getting fucked by you. Yes continue. You need to fuck your mom's tits, and fuck her in at least several different positions yet.

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