Got caught

My wife's college friend came to visit us this last weekend. Her and her husband showed up on Friday and stayed until Sunday. Friday night they were tired and decided to retire early. My wife and I were sitting out back on the deck drinking wine. It had been a couple hours since they retired for the evening and I was feeling quite frisky. I convinced my wife to strip and show me her tits, then her pussy. She pulled down my pants and was in the middle of giving me a blowjob when I looked up and saw her friends husband standing in the doorway watching us. My wife's ass was facing the door so he had a clear view of my wife's pussy from behind. I never said anything and just let my wife continue giving me a blowjob. She finished blowing me and got on top sliding her pussy down on my cock. I made sure to pull her forward and lift her ass cheeks apart so her friends husband could get a good look at my cock going in and out of my wife's pussy. From time to time I would look around my wife to make sure he was still there. I noticed that he had his cock out stroking it at one point. Shortly before we finished i looked again but he was gone. I hope he had a good show.

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  • When I was in college I took a job I found in the help wanted. It said applicant would be required to do sexual things in nature, but not have sex. When I showed up I found out it was a sex therapist who needed a Male and Female subject for her classes. I actually knew the male from school. At first it was really awkward as she explained the subject of the upcoming class, then she explained what we would do as she coached us. I did things from masterbating and touching myself to touching the guy. We never had sex, but we may as well of.

  • You can't top this. My wife and I, my buddy and his wife, would take turns watching each other have sex under water with goggles on. Everything looked 10x bigger and 2 inches away. I could see the inside of her pussy with his dick pounding away. We looked like porn stars on steroids.
    The things you remember.

  • That’s part of the fun. When I realized my wife’s pussy is nothing special, she had sex with 10 other guys besides me before we met and who knows how many blow jobs she gave and how many guys she’s made out with or was finger by since she was a teen, her body is nothing special. She’s just a sexy woman and why should I hide her from the world? Why not show her off. Put on a show now and then.

  • It's good to be proud of wife's past. But you make her sound like a whore. 10 guys is 3 guys a year for 3.3 years.

  • Our best friends caught wife and I having sex in a club parking lot. We were really going at it. The girl asked my wife she needed a ride to the ER after were done. We were drinking and just let them watch. Weeks later they said the were inspired by our rough sex and tried it themselves, twice a day. They had been doing it once a week the old gentle way. Then they slacked off after a month. They asked us if would do it on a yoga mat in their living room, sorta like a booster shot. We said sure, what are friends for. We did that maybe 10 times while they watched, taking mental notes and mocking us. But the last time her conservative brother and his wife walked in them watching us fuck on the mats. They had just came from church. We all fessed up it was a tutorial thing, that would help them have a baby -- and that truly was the goal -- they weren't likely to have one doing it once a week. And there is nothing wrong with having some fun with it. We actually had some of our best sex with them watching and mocking us.

  • I sleep in the nude and my girlfriend was friends with this woman she worked with. She is an older woman, about 10 years older than us. Anyway, her and I got along really well too, so she would come over and visit us. I worked 2nd shift and didn't get home till 2AM. One morning I was awoken by this woman who my girlfriend sent upstairs to wake me. She asked if I was getting up, I said sure and jumped out of bed totally naked facing her. She first acted shocked and covered her eyes, but then she peeked through her fingers and then dropped her hand to get a better look. Not to brag or anything, but I'm pretty big. So when she peeked, my size amazed her and she had to look. She stood there and checked me out whole I walked over to my dresser and got out a pair of boxes. I put them on and right before I pulled then all the way up I stopped and started smoking it for her. She watched and liked her lips as I stroked myself. I finished in my hand and then she turned and walked out.

  • This happened to me and my girlfriend. Her sister caught us having sex and I watched her as she stood outside the room and watched us. After we finished I made sure to get up and face the doorway so she could get a good look at my cum soaked dick.

  • You're a good friend. No doubt that he thought about being in your position and fucking your wife. That memory will be good stroke material for him for a long time.

  • I would love to have someone watch me fuck my wife. Such a turn on.

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