Mom caught

I just commenting on a post that reminded me of something that happened to me.
I just got home from school.
I came in and went straight to the bathroom.
I walked in on mom in the middle of masturbating and froze for a second then turned and hurried out.
It only took a few seconds but remember every detail and had many of fantasies over it since.
Mom is cute 34 and i nice tight round butt.
Yes this is mom I’m talking about.
I walk in she is leaning back on toilet legs up feet together. She had her left hand between her legs bucking her hips. Eye closed tight head tilted forward .
She heard me and looked up with this unrealizing lust look then her eye flew open and she let out a high pitched sqeek and tried to move but her hips keeped thrusting up while she was trying to lean forward for a towel almost falling off seat. I turned and hurried out after my shock freeze let me.
I replay that day all the time in my mind.

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  • The fuck is wrong with you people if my son ever walks in on me it Will NOT be an opportunity to ask for some
    Besides read it again they said it was a memory this was likely a long time ago

  • This may be a great opportunity to start something sexual with your mother! Ask what she thinks about when she masturbates and ask if she's ever thought about you? If she hasn't then she may start now because of this question and that increases the chance of you having sex with your mother!

  • Hott

  • You should be replaying it every time you are jerking your cock.

  • Ask her if its ok if you watch n join her in mutual pleasure.

  • Don't worry cause I have cummed in my sister's mouth before

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