Franks boy

When Frank came by to install my mum's new disabled bathroom and help me with the guest bedroom, I knew instantly he was checking me out. I knew from conversations over the phone he was married, yet the looks he was giving me, all said he'd love to be fucking my arse.
Living and working in the same house I grew up in, because of my mum's condition as her carer, was an easy way to give Frank what we later agreed on, but first we/he had to get to that point.
That happened when Frank was testing out the new shower. He made it obvious he wanted a live test, which meant someone getting wet. He volunteered me and I went in with a pair of swimming trunks.
Telling me to try out each and every control, I did as he asked then listened to him say "Now you can remove the trunks and I'll help you".
It was his way of giving me a choice and I opened the easy move shower curtain to allow him to step inside, once he'd totally stripped.
You have to take into account here, up to that point in my life, I'd not had any gay sexual contact, but I had often thought about why I was so tempted to engage sexually with a guy. I was seventeen years old, just. And knew the moment he kissed me in the shower, I was going to enjoy whatever followed.
My little penis was massaged by Frank and I followed suit by taking his much much larger hard cock into my right hand.
As we kissed, we masturbated each other and I understood then, feeling his cock pulsate in my fingers, I would try and receive it.
Frank pushed me down after a few minutes of kissing and tossing each other's cocks, and knowing with a girlfriend who I once had, she loved to suck cock, I did as she had with me. Only straight away I was far better at giving head than she'd ever been even with my small cock.
Frank began to moan and hold my head, telling me between moans, he'd not had his cock sucked in a long time. He started to fuck my mouth and really go for it, which only added to the whole sexual feeling for me.
Gripping his arse cheeks hard, I pulled him into my mouth more which had him telling me I was a cock slut. He didn't last to much longer after I began to suck harder on his cock head, and then like a fountain going off in my mouth, he ejaculated and I had no choice with him holding me so tightly, but to swallow each and every spurt that left his cock.
Letting me stand, he pulled/lifted me up to his height and kissed me again. We kissed for a long time with Frank cupping my arse cheeks in his big left hand. Slipping his fingers across, he slid one into my arse and I felt a shiver run down my spine. It was a beautiful feeling and prelude to what was to follow the next day.
Mum didn't say anything at first. Frank had been gone for nearly two hours before she asked me how the bathroom was looking. I told her I'd tried it out, to which she replied "Don't you mean you and Frank tried it out".
We didn't say much more after that, but mum did comment before I went to bed "Franks giving us a great deal you now, please make sure he's appreciated son" I was about to say something when my mother added "I know he likes you. I hope you like him enough for the work to be finished".
I understood fully what she was saying and I also understood the following day, I'd prove to Frank just how much I wanted my mum's bathroom and the guest bedroom finished.
I wasn't home when he arrived. I was out getting the food for our evening meal. When I got home, he smiled at me, said he'd spoken to my mum and I could show him exactly how we wanted the guest room redecorating.
He'd already been in there and I saw the bed in the middle of the room with the old curtains closed. Not needing him to say anything, I got undressed and lay on the bed. I watched him undress and marveled at just how big his erection was. He looked down at me, told me he was going to fuck me, and then said "I like it quick and rough".
Thinking about what mum had said the night before, I replied "You can fuck me anyway you want Frank".
It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever experienced sexually. First of all he had me lay on my stomach, and then he pulled my arse cheeks apart and buried his face in between. His hot tongue probed my hole and I couldn't help but squirm with the pleasure it gave me.
But that was as far as it went in terms of pleasure for some time. I felt him rise up, then felt his hard warm cock nudge against my arsehole. The pressure grew and then pop, his cock was driving up into my body and before I could shout out, Frank was fucking me.
It hurt, by christ it hurt and I could hardly breath with the pain. Yet my mum's words kept on ringing in my mind, so I gritted my teeth and gave myself to the man who I now fully indulge with.
Frank fucked me like he said, roughly and without pause for my feelings. I was like a rag doll on his large thick cock, and he used me to satisfy his sexual demands. It wasn't as quick as I thought it was going to be, certainly not as quick as the previous day when I sucked him off.
The pain didn't go, but eventually my arsehole gave. With the pain still there, I began to feel a different sensation and I knew my cock was beginning to stir. A few more thrusts and I could feel my erect dick rubbing on the mattress below me. Not able still to say anything, Frank grunted out he was cumming and I lay there with his cock pumping his love seed deep inside my bowels.
He emptied himself fully inside of me, but just as I thought he was going to leave me there, he spun me over and sucked in my cock. I lasted only a few seconds before cumming in his mouth. He spat it all out over my cock and told me he very rarely did that for anyone.
Mum thanked me after Frank had gone. She told me she heard my cries of pain and understood my dedication to her. The next day with my arsehole stuck out and up over the end of the guest room bed, I took Frank's cock for about ten minutes before he came filling my arse with his cum. He had me lick and suck off the cum from his dick, then got back to the finishing bits in the bathroom.
It took Frank another week to complete the bedroom with my help. A week in which he fucked me every day. Only by the time he left on the Friday, it was me riding his massive cock, milking it with my arsehole and making him cum with shouts of pure joy.
When Frank calls by these days, which is about three to four days a week, I'm invariably ready for him and he fucks me either in the guest bedroom or the shower. True to his sexual character, he fucks me quick and roughly and is gone within twenty minutes most times.
Mum loves that i'm happy with my life and also that I'm sexual in my own way. There are other factors to my new found sexual happiness, but mum's the word I think.

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