Interracial cuckold fantasy

I'm a young straight white guy, and I get really turned on at the thought of black men invading my country, enslaving the men and impregnating all the women in gangbangs where all the women only want to have sex with black guys because of their mythical super-penises. The thought of being cuckolded by a horde of black foreigners fucking my imaginary wife and daughters really turns me on. I just feel like they're superior because of their bigger penises, more muscle, and stronger bones, as if Mother Nature WANTS black men to replace white men. Women prefer bigger penises, so if they do have bigger penises then it's true

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  • I think it is a normal and reasonable fantasy

  • My wife and I watched porn all the time and loved watching huge cocks fucking tiny girls. My wife’s very tiny and we imagined her fucking a huge cock to the point we decided to do it. We set up finding a hung guy on line we was Brazilian over 9” long it was his girth even my fingers couldn’t fit around his massive girth. Surprised he shoved balls deep inside my wife her eyes wide open breathing hard. She has big pussy lips that clung to his cock when he pulled out it was weird because her whole pussy stretched as he pulled out clinging to his cock. My wife orgasmed continuously as he pounded her pussy the two fucked rested then fucked again the whole weekend. I couldn’t even feel her when he pulled out and it was my turns. The two of us had him over all the time for over 3 yrs before he had to move back. Her pussy has never been back to little like it was before him

  • Posted by the same delusional cuntwipe that's "addicted to sucking black cock "

  • Yeah -- this is definitely 'over the top.' But that so many men in so many cultures share that fantasy of being cuckolded by very well-endowed competitors no doubt teases your mind to believe that this is Nature's intention. Face it, you need a payoff while you step aside. Your arousal is Nature's way of convincing you that you are SUPPOSED to step aside.

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