Why does it turn him on?

I was molested when i was a kid for several years by my step dad. It happened over several years until i was into my early teens.
When i was dating my husband i told him my history. Now he ask me about it all the time.
I tell him details and telive it with him telling him everything.
He won’t admit it but I think it gets him aroused. We always end up having sex when we have these talks.
Please no I’m sorry you had to have that happen.
Don’t need it. It happened he didn’t hit me or
Hurt me. I was just his own little self gratification toy is how I look at it.
But why does it seem to turn my husband on to the point he wants details?

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  • I think that he is aroused by the illicit aspects of it. I don't think that it means that he would be do anything like that himself. Think about it like this. On this site, there are a lot of people who tell stories about having sex with their mom. Some are true, most are not. Some of those stories are arousing. Most guys would not really want to have sex with their mom, but most guys would enjoy reading those stories. I think that your husband is aroused by your stories in the same way.

  • I was molested by my moms boyfriend several years.
    Yes i like telling people about it.
    It makes me get it off my chest.
    I am today very sexually active because of it.
    I believe my mom knew he was doing it and ahe liked him getting turned on by it. Can’t go into details but when something like this is taught to you at a young age it becomes normal for you.
    In my late teens and early twenties i had multiple partners.
    Mostly older.
    When i was 15 I screwed my little brother many times . Because i knew no better.
    So if someone likes to tell because it makes it real to them

  • What happened to you was wrong and you were taken advantage of. Don't feel bad about your brother because many siblings experiment and this is normal and I'm sure your brother didn't complain!!

  • My wife was abused when she was little .
    Yes she tells me about it.
    It does effect how she acts
    She loves older men also

  • I love when my wife makes up stories about her getting fucked. I love the details. It turns me on.

  • And what makes you think the stories your wife tells you are made up?

  • My brother molested me several years.
    My husband likes to hear details also
    He loves my to tell everything

  • Was it molestation or experimentation??

  • Idk not suppose to

  • What?

  • Idk

  • It happened to my wife but it was her older brother, went on for years because she had no idea it was wrong but he told her to keep it between them. Her mom worked full time and part time with him being her baby sitter so plenty of time to use her. The amazing thing to me is she has told me many details without prompting her and loves to give blow jobs on her knees, tells me to hold her hair and control it. She loves to be tied up and played with telling me to tickle her or do sexual things with her, she has always been very sexual even after going thru like ten years of sex with her brother. I guess she has just come to terms that it is in her past and nothing can be done to change it.

  • The question is would she want to change her past? Sex between a brother and sister isn't always wrong. It sounds to me like she is positive about her experience with her brother.

  • Gross

  • Why don't you ask him?

  • I hope you never have ANY kids ! He's a pedo !

  • I hope you dont have a daughter!!

  • No a son

  • Your husband is the only one that can answer your question.

  • The truth is that everyman would love to fuck a innocent little girl! Look how much people fantasize about school girls for example? Very common. Look how many many men like to be called Daddy during sex and how many like saying it?

  • Not every man, buddy.

  • It's silly to deny it

  • Sounds like your husband has a kink

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