My Cousin’s Booty part 2

This is Part 2 of a repost from another site because I like the way that this site is laid out, enjoy!

This is another part of some of my young memories, I decided to share some more since the first part seemed to be pretty well received. For those who haven’t read the first one I shared, my name is Joey, and I have a 4 years younger first cousin named Mandy who, when we were kids, used to let me see and touch her bare butt regularly. Last time I shared the first time, which was basically just her mooning me and her brother, and the last time, where I was dared in truth or dare to kiss her butt. If you wish to read that story, google search “My Cousin’s Booty naughtyposts” and it should be one of the first results! Here are a few of my other favorite instances from that 5 year stretch of time!

This first one is from a little earlier on, when she was 9 and I was 13. My cousins and I were all staying the night at our grandmother’s house, which we seemed to do about once a month or so. There was a room that was basically setup for all the grandkids to hang out in with games, toys, and a TV, and our grandparents almost never came in there, they just let us play, we called it “the playroom.” Mandy’s brother and I were in there watching TV, and Mandy came in wearing a large bathrobe, she had just finished taking a bath. There were only two chairs in the room, so instead of having her sit on the floor I said to Mandy “you can sit on my lap, she cane over and said “ok but just so you know I’m not wearing any underwear” I lifted up her robe “to check that she was telling the truth.” (She was comfortable with that at this point.) I said “oh you’re really not, that’s ok!” She situated herself in front of me and I draped the robe over the other side of my leg so that her bare butt would be on me, also it was common at this time for me to put my hand down palm-side-up on my leg whenever she sat on my lap because it reduced strain on my thigh (and of course I got to touch her butt!) so we sat there for quite a while watching TV like that, it was fun!

This next one was about a year after that one, When she was 10 and I was 14, once again at our grandparents’ house. One thing that we would do when we were spending the night there was stay up after our grandparents had gone to sleep and just either talk, play games, tell jokes, or play truth or dare quietly. This particular evening it was just me and Mandy, and I thought up a new game for us to play. She would lie down on the bed face down and shake and wiggle her butt, if I could stop the jostling, she’d have to remove a layer of clothing from her butt, and if it got to the point where it was bare and I was able to stop it, the ultimate challenge would be that I would have to try and stop it with only my face, but if I couldn’t stop it in 30 seconds, she would win the whole thing. “Ok, sounds fun!” She said. So we started, she was wearing pajama bottoms, panties, and a long sleep shirt, which I decided to count. I was 4 years older so I was confidently able to pin down the movement of her hips with ease, we raised up her sleep shirt, once more we start up, I stop it, we pull down her pajama bottoms, revealing her pink and white striped panties. Once more, I win and her panties come down revealing her bare butt! I let her start up for just slightly longer this time to watch her butt bouncing around, then I stop it for the final time with my arms. She says “ok now it’s time for the ultimate challenge!” In a hushed whisper. “Ok I’m ready!” I reply. Then, I enjoyed 30 seconds of her bare butt bouncing around as I pressed my face into it from different angles to try to figure out a way to stop the movement, but to no avail. It actually may have been longer than thirty seconds because she was the one counting and it seemed like she was counting slow, probably to give me a better chance at the impossible (but enjoyable) challenge. It ended with her as the winner and we both had a laugh, then went to sleep.

This last one I’m going to share today is easily my second favorite memory, my favorite of course being the time I was dared to kiss Mandy’s butt. It was an ordinary day once again in the playroom, at our grandparents’ house. Our grandmother went into town to run a few errands and I was left in charge (I believe I was 15 and Mandy was still 10 because of when her birthday falls). A very small bed had been added to the playroom, and it was situated in a place we could all sit on it and watch the tv. Mandy wanted to watch a movie that we had on VHS so I put that in the VCR and as the previews were playing and we were sitting on that bed I had a stroke of brilliance, I said “Do you want a butt massage? It’ll feel good!” “Sure!” She said. She crawled over and laid on my lap face down (like in a spanking position, but I would never spank my dear cousin) with her head resting on a pillow facing the tv so she could watch. I pulled down her shorts and her panties (this time they were white with purple lacy elastic) and just went about rubbing her bare bottom for the entire duration of the previews AND the 2 hour movie. I asked her about 30 minutes in if it felt good and she said “yes, I really like it!” This was also incidentally the only time I ever saw her butthole, which wasn’t on purpose and I didn’t touch it, it just happened that way because I was rubbing her buttcheeks. I massaged her booty a few other times but it was always under blankets and stuff because I only felt free to do that in the open that time because our grandmother had gone out.

Hope you enjoyed my memories!

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  • I wish my little cousin let me play with her butt.

  • I like my cousin's butt to much

  • Yes dude, it was so fun!

  • Way too much time spent on your cousin's booty. I would have went from her booty to her booby, then to her pussy. I would have ended up fucking her eventually.

  • I only like butts though.

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