Gassy Pregnant Wifw

My wife has always been open about farting. She didn't do it a lot, but I still enjoyed it when she did. But ever since she got pregnant, she has been really gassy and farting all the time. She is letting me stick my face to her butt as she loudly farts. On May 17th I was promoted at work and she was so happy for me. She decided to congratulate me by letting me put my face on her naked butt as she farted and then sat on my face as she farted. It was amazing.

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  • Omg this sounds so fucking horny ! I’d love to have her fart in my face with her big mommy tits hanging down. I’d sniff her asshole for as long as she wanted .

  • I love ass, but can’t and have not been ever to overcome my aversion to farts. I always imagine air bubbles traveling through innards that are making fudge and then breathing that in.. yuck.. Yet I will lick and suck on a woman’s asshole for hours.

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