Wearing lingeri

I would like a woman or girlfriend dress me up in black pantyhose thong and heels and make me her bitch for the night. I want to do whatever she says. I want her to make me wear my pantyhose out under my jeans. When we get home I want her to cut the back of my pantyhose open so my ass is exposed. I have a nice ass. Then she tells me to go out on the balcony so people could see me. Then I want her to take pics of my ass so no one could see my face. Then she puts on a strap on and says your my bitch tonight. She takes me in the bedroom and tells me to lie on my stomach and spread my ass open. She tells me to say fuck my ass. She slides it up my ass so deep. I told her I love it in my ass. She said to take it bitch whore. U fucking love it don't u. I said yes, I what u to fuck my ass all the time. She said next time I'm having my girlfriend come over.

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  • I bet you do ken.

  • Why ruin a good pair of pantyhose...just wear some thigh high stockings. I'd love having her girlfriend over.

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