Black I think

I grew up in what some people would call a racist home. My parents never had anything against blacks, and never talked bad about them, nor used racially slurs. Actually, my dad had several friends who were black. I was just never allowed to date a black woman. At the time they said it wasn't socially acceptable and our children would be shunned by society as well as our marriage. So I stayed away from dating blacks. People today tell me that is racist, but I'm not so sure it is. Rather it was just a fact of social acceptance at the time.
Many years down the road and now divorce from my wife of 20 years, I find myself in the company of an absolutely beautiful black lady. Well, she not all black, her dad is white and her mom is black. She is by far the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I lover her personality too. She and I have so much in common. We like the same everything. I kid you not, this woman is a hard 10 and she's perfect. She is a little younger than me, but that's ok. We been dating now for awhile and yes the sex is perfect. She has a perfect body, and perfect tits, and a perfect little ass. Her smile is straight off a model's face and I shit you not, she could be a model herself. Although she is half black, she doesn't really look black. She actually looks like someone with a good golden tan. I haven't taken her home to meet my parents yet, but I'm thinking we should NOT tell them she is half black. I'm sure they will just think she has a great tan, maybe. I mean they have never said anything about not dating blacks since I was in highschool back in the early 90's. So their views may have changed, who knows. My girlfriend talks to them on the phone all the time. Especially my mom, and she things they are great people, not racist, and they would be fine with it, but I'm not so sure. She keeps telling me to trust her because she and my mom are really getting along well.
We have plans to go back to Missouri, where I grew up, next month for my parents 40th wedding anniversary. I am terrified to go, but my girlfriend thinks it will be great and work out fine. I have no idea. I just hope they like her enough to not care.


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  • If she gots a job and know how to fuck ...go with it

  • Son don't you fucking bring no God Damn fucking Nigger bitch home. It will kill your mother. I will kill you. Do you understand me? Jesus thought we raised you to be smarter than this? Dumb Ass!

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