Her past turns me on

My girlfriend and I have discussed past lovers. It doesn’t bother me that she tells me about her 3 past lovers. All who she admitted had bigger cocks whether it was length or girth. She tells me how she loved how much rougher they were than me. Even when she tells me how frequent and more often they would have sex it turns me on. Her favorite guy was Travis a very tall lanky white guy who she couldn’t get enough of. She said she always found herself calling him or him calling her to have sex. Even though both were in relationships. I’ve asked her if she still thinks about him and she said yes. She said she has been tempted at times to check in on him cause she misses his size and how he could make her cum through penetration. Since we are not really deeply committed I have made comments if she wanted to get with him I would allow it and she has said the same to me. I told her I would want her to tell me immediately when she hooked up with him and give me the details and this turn her on so much. For some reason it actually brings us closer together. She’s admitted she would never stay with him but come home right after it’s really totally spiced up our sex play. She has a very hot smoking body and all my friends can’t believe I can handle her. Its true but I just eat it up. This coming Friday night she has plans to meet up with him and he has no idea what she has in mind.I told her not to hold back just do whatever she misses

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  • Doesn't sound to me like you are 'handling her'. She tells you that she isn't satisfied with what she is getting from you; she is off fucking Travis or some other guy who is bigger and rougher than you and not telling you, just like she wasn't telling whoever she was with when she was banging Travis.

  • I’m fine with that

  • Only 3?

  • That is just so nice of you.

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