As the quarantine ends

First off, my wife is a slut. She will tell you that herself. She loves to get fucked. We have been married 14 years and in those years, she's slept with 6 other men.

Now that the quarantine is lifting, she told me she wants to have some friends over. I asked if she wanted a party. She's said kinda not really. I asked what she meant. She said she wanted to have her boyfriend and his friend over for a threesome. I asked what I would do. She said If I'm not at work when she does it I'm welcome to join. She said, "I have plenty of places to put a cock."

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  • First of all I don't believe your wife is a slut, slut is a term used by women who are jealous of other women who get more sex than they do, and usually enjoy it more. Your wife is a woman who loves sex and cock, and has "plenty of places to put a cock", and that is something that you two can build a life-long enjoyment and appreciation for each-other and the fucking that you both enjoy so much.


    ....6 other men in fourteen years? My wife of 26 years has had more than that in one night! Our marriage is built on 3 pillars, love, honesty and sex. We have always shared each other with other people, and never without telling each other before-hand, that way if one of us is not comfortable with the other's choice we can veto the tryst with no questions asked. Though it has only happened a handful of times, we both have voiced any concern or problem with the choice of fuck-buddy. The honesty in this system builds and maintains our love for each other while satisfying the sexual desires in each other. My wife really enjoys being cluster-fucked, which involves anywhere from 5 to ten guys, usually including me, and sometimes gets quite rough for her. She gets this once or twice a year and over our quarter century together has totalled over 100 different cocks, with 3 of them still participating after 20 years. I love my wife dearly and would never give her up. Early in our relationship she admitted that she couldn't keep a guy because she loved sex, with men or women, though she preferred men and that's when we discussed the arrangement that has kept us together for so long.

    Discuss it with her, you'll never know how good it can be.

  • I need sex, I had a boy toy at work, my bf works during the day, and his roommate works nights, his roommate John has always flirted with me, but it wasn’t until this quarantine that I gave into h8m, my bf isn’t enough for me, I need more, and now John gives it to me, while my bf is at work

  • Were you hoping she was going to ask you to help drain their balls?

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