"Inherited" wife

My mom died when I was very little, and my dad remarried when I was a teenager. He also decided to marry a beautiful, slightly younger woman, so as horny teenagers do, I developed a crush on her. Embarrassingly, a few years later, I got so wasted one night that I came back home one night my father was away, and told her I was very much in love with her. I could remember that after the fact, so I apologized to her to clear the air, and that was it. That brought us closer, ironically, and while I never saw her as a replacement mom, we became close friends.
Years later, by the time my father died, she was really part of what little family I have left (only an aunt and her son). I was already well into my 20s and living on my own by then, so this led to us seeing each other less... but having a better time whenever we did. We became intimate in a purely platonic sense, within a few months she was the person I knew best and viceversa. With that, about a year later, even knowing it could look weird to outsiders, she invited me on a trip with two of her friends, who were a couple. This led to some initial awkwardness at first when they started getting all romantic. But the first night, during dinner, she started to get a little touchy and cuddly. Her friends didn't seem to mind and, after some wine, I didn't either. We were sleeping in separate rooms, so I walked her to hers first. Before I left, she asked me to check some problem with her shower. As soon as she closed the door behind her, she kissed me and I didn't even resist. We just went at it and made love for the first time that night. it was wonderful. There was some guilt afterwards, but we talked it over and concluded that my father wanted us to be free and fulfilled. And if being together was what it took, then that's what we should do.
But we knew the people that knew us probably wouldn't accept it just like that, so we kept it a secret. In public, we pretended to be only stepmom and stepson for the remainder of the trip, but fucked ike animals during the night. Back home, I broke up with my casual girlfriend and started a serious relationship with my stepmom. We wanted to be free in public as well, so we made the decision to move elsewhere. I found myself a job in another state and went ahead. She joined me, telling our family and friends she would look for an apartment in the same state because we were family and wanted to be close.
As I'm writing this, we're celebrating our second annivrsary as a couple. And yes, some people give us weird looks because of our age difference (I'm turning 30 next month and she's currently 49... although she looks younger and hotter than she has any right to at her age). She's the sexiest, kindest woman I know, and despite all judgements I'm happy to be with her.


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  • Such a great story, I’ve been with my uncle for several years now, my husband passed away, and so did my aunt. We started living together, raising our own kids together, and it just happened. And now it’s just one big happy family. We wanted kids together but decided best not too

  • Glad you have found each other. Good luck to you both!

  • That's a beautiful story.

  • My dad remarried when I was around thirteen and one weekend when I was staying at their house she called just saying she was checking in on me to see how I was doing. She then told me I should go downstairs and find the box labeled Grandma's china because it actually had porn videos in it. She told me to just take out one or two at a time then told me to have a great time and hung up. I watched a couple of them and did enjoy them then put them back. I did this a few times when they were gone then one Saturday my dad had to work when i was staying over. She asked me if I had found the videos, asked me a few more questions about what i liked and other things then she looked right at me with a little smile and asked me if there was anything I wanted to try out with her from what i watched. Greatest step mother in the world and I learned a lot from her.

  • What did the box that said Porn Videos have in it?

  • Please tell.

  • I sucked off my stepson once. I still feel guilty. My husband was away on business, I should’ve known it was inappropriate to wear just a robe around my stepson.

  • I hope he bends you over and pounds you like the slut you are.

  • How old is your stepson?

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