Beautiful nan

I'm 17 and what my parents don't no is ive been shagging my nan my mum's mum for 16 months,my nan was 57 at the time and she doesn't look her age she's in great shape looks very young, about a month before it started i would go check on her house when she was out seeing my parents just to stop her worrying, i looked forward to it as i would wank off on her bed with a pair of her sexy knickers,my dad would drop her back home and pick me up and each time the would pull me in for a kiss and hug to say thank you, the day it all started i was at home still when she turned up chatted for a few minutes before i left she comes up to me and said ive left you something on my bed and winked,she left me a new pair a black lace underwear with a note saying i no what you get up with kiss on it, around 2 hours of being in her house she phones me asking would i mind if she came home i couldn't say no,she came back i tell my dad im staying a bit longer,I was horny as fuck I've heard plenty of story's of her getting around in her younger days,I don't have many to compare the sex with but she's a freak in the sheets.

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  • The summer of my 15th year I fucked my grandmother. She was the first woman I ever got my cock into and she loved it just as much as I did, maybe more. I got to fuck her pussy, ass and her mouth and now, 45 years later I still compare every blow-job I get to her's.

  • Don't feel guilty about the doctors saying your grandmother's rectal cancer was caused from ass fucking. Then she died from it just like Farrah Fawcett did.

  • Was she wearing a sheet as a sexy toga for you?

  • Just go for it! 57 is still young and she is clearly into you.

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