Women's Locker Room at My Gym

I am a 50-year-old woman. I work out usually 5 days a week, and I am in good shape. I'm proud of my body. I don't typically show it off because while I'm proud of it, I'm also usually conservative about it. BUT, I do notice women noticing me at the gym. So, lately, I've paid attention to that, and I've been more adventurous about things in the locker room. Instead of just grabbing my things from my locker and leaving after a workout, I'm staying longer, mingling with the other women, changing, and even showering, staying and relaxing in the sauna, and wow, the things that can happen are incredible!

After yoga, especially the hot yoga class at 9 am, it gets interesting. We're all nice and sweaty, me and the stay at home moms. I'll do a few quick rounds of weights, then head into the locker room. I'll take my sweaty top off and let my breasts have a chance to breathe and dry off, but of course, the cool air hitting them immediately makes my nipples hard, and since I'm a nice 36 DD, it certainly does not go unnoticed. I make a point to wander around, my tits bouncing along in front of me. I've even go to the sinks and splashed water on them as I've chatted up the ladies, making my nipples even more hard. I'll stand like that, conversing, noticing when they drop their eyes to my tits, and they always do, and smile when they see me catch them. I've even gone as far as touching my boob while they're watching. Yesterday I decided to peel off my spandex shorts and just flaunted my nakedness all around the locker room for at least 10 minutes, prepping the sauna for myself, and anyone that might want to join me. I asked a few of the ladies if they wanted to come in too, and told them I'd recently read how great it was to go in after a hot yoga class, and how I'd brought some vitamin E oil with me to rub on my body because that helps to eliminate the toxins. One woman, a gorgeous 33-year-old jumped at the offer, and we both went into the sauna together. I asked if she would rub the oil on my back and I offered to rub it on hers. First we rubbed it all over our fronts, and I made a point of taking my time rubbing my tits, giving myself a little massage, pinching my nipples. She asked if I was married, because I never wear a ring. I told her I was, and I asked if she was. She said yes. I asked why she asked, and she said just because of the ring, and when I pressed the issue, she said because she thought I might be a lesbian. I told her no, but I did like to be with a woman when the opportunity presented itself. She said she'd never done that before but since her daughter was born three and 1/2 years ago, she and her husband hadn't had a great sex life, and she'd been thinking about it. I knew it was like a door opened right there for me. I told her to be careful, because she was beautiful and I might have to show her what she was missing. SHE ASKED IF I WOULD! So, we sat next to each other, in the sauna, and I put the towel over our pussies, and I fingered her to orgasm right there. I stuck my fingers inside her wet, swollen cunt, and gosh, she was so, so excited, and so very wet. She leaned back and just let me push them in, let me feel around, first iwth one, then two and even three fingers. I used my other hand to stroke her clit, and I'm not kidding, within two minutes she sprayed my fingers with juicy pussy liquid. I pulled my fingers out and licked them, and she nearly passed out. She was still so wet. I got up and glanced out the sauna door, and the locker room was practically empty. The sauna was back by the showers, so I quickly went down on her and licked the rest of her cum up, tasing as much of it as I could, fucking her with my tongue and fast as possible, not meaning to turn her on again, but really just wanting to eat her out. I made her cum again though and got to feel her shoot her cum into my mouth. It's like she hadn't cum much in years. I pinched her nipples and she moaned so loud I thought we'd get caught. God, she had the best tasting pussy I've had in months. When I told my husband he asked if I thought we could get her into a threesome. I'm not sure, but she'll be at the gym tomorrow. She asked if I would come to her house after yoga. She wants to spend more time with me in her pussy, and she wants to eat mine. I think I've found myself a little toy.

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  • Your off and running sweetie, you will just have the greatest time together, keep it to yourself and don't share.

  • I got the 3some lined up now. Fucking awesome.

  • That is so wonderful, I had been going to the local pool for about 5 months and two months ago saw a beautiful girl a bit younger than I sunbathing she had the greatest body and looked so very sexy I got horny straight away so I walked over and sitting down beside her started small talk, she had recently been divorced and had moved in with her sister to try and reestablish her life I asked if she would rub some sun cream on my back she did and also did my legs I had wet spots on my bikini that I let her see I rubbed it onto her and she also got wet spots so I was sure I was onto a good thing here.
    Over the next few days we became good friends and would kiss and cuddle when we met and parted we started patting each others bum too and our hands would certainly linger for a while, one day when creaming her I ran my hand down under her bikini and played with her crack she lifted so I could reach and play with her wet pussie, we headed straight for my house and had the greatest female sex ever I had not been with a girl since high school.
    I told my husband and he was ever so horny and agreed I should continue the relationship with her as long as it did not interfere with our sex life, the three of us have now met together on numerous occasion's and we really love being around each other.
    My husband has been pestering me for a threesome or even just a one on one with her but for the foreseeable future that is not on I want my girlfriend all to myself

  • Sounds like you’re having a great time!

  • Certainly am, she now has a good job locally and we see each other a lot, my husband has suggested that if our relationship continues and strengthens after twelve months he will have a granny flat built in our back yard and Helen can live in it, can't wait for that, Helen has stayed with us and on those occassion's my husband has gone to his mothers or slept in the downstairs bedroom, he is so great with everything, Helen and I are like school kids again she also last had a lesbian relationship in high school

  • Your on top of the world arn't you sweetie, I am so happy for you all, I have had a relationship with my best girl friend starting off in high school for 15 years now both our husbands know about and like our friendship they are the best of mates so while they play golf or go to sports event's we play with each other I am sure we have the best side of the bargain

  • I bet one of your daughters friends wants to have sex with you. You need to pursue that

  • Looks like you are about to have just the greatest time, having a lesbian relationship that your husband is aware of and supports is fantastic, don't take the threesome thing too far to start off with cement your relationship and friendship with her first otherwise she may become standoffish
    Tell your husband to be patient but do introduce them and ensure after a while she know's he know's
    Love the removing ring thing that is such a great way to maybe get a girl interested, I find gym's and pools are the best places to pick up a nice girl, when I started I ended up with the choice of three selected one about my age that was divorced and without kid's it has been going for twelve months now and we are so very happy

  • Nice !

  • Being a guy, I have this same fantasy, but with a guy or two in the sauna. This is hot

  • Then make it happen. Go to a gay bath house.

  • Great story, well written, and HOT !

  • Thank you. Truth be told, I’m a writer by trade but not erotica. Considering it though because she’s inspiring me. Today’s little sex adventure with her was damn hot, too!

  • Bring a young hottie home and hubby will dump you for her.

  • I’m jealous... I’m looking for a hottie like that. Your story is hot and I’m soaking wet.

  • Come over and I’ll lick you. I love some good tangy pussy. My husband travels often so it gets a little lonely here.

  • Wow.

  • Dam that is one hot story! Good luck on convincing her to join your hubby and you! Sounds like either way, great times are ahead for her and you!

  • It’s over. I’ll find another one.

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