Not sure what passes as fashion these days

My wife does yoga class on Saturday mornings at the gym with our daughter. My daughter has a friend who wanted to go, so she came over. Holy crap her yoga pants were so tight that she had major cameltoe up her crack and her nipples were protruding through her top like bullets. There wasn't anything left to the imagination.

I'm not complaining, but if she walked out of the house that way not knowing what she was showing it's fucked up. I don't remember people dressing like that back in my day.

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  • Nothing wrong with showing a little camel toe. Men have been wearing tight jeans for years, showing their man bulge, it's only fair for women to show their puffy pussy lips.

  • My wife does the same thing , she wears skin tight stretch pants everywhere she goes. On countless occasions I have noticed people staring and pointing. I'm nervous about it on one hand but on the other hand it totally turns me on.

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