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When I was younger I was too scared to talk nasty to women. I would hear and see guys just flat out asking women to fuck and I always imagined a slap to the face if I did something like that. By the time I was 24 years old I had only slept with a handful of women. Four to be exact. My buddy told me I didn't have any balls and was scared of being rejected. I think it's more that I have respect for women. None the less, I was married and it didn't matter. By my late twenties I was having problems in my marriage. My wife was a cunt, she had spent us into bankruptcy, and she was fucking her yoga instructor. I meanwhile stayed faithful, or at least intended to.

My wife was away at her yoga class one night. I'm sure she was doing other things besides yoga, so I was a little bit in a mood when my wife's sister stopped by. She had just turned 27 years old and was having her own marital problems. Her husband was a drunk and abusive. She had been fighting with him and decided she needed her sister for support. I told her my wife was at yoga; she looked down as if she was about to cry and turned around to leave. I stopped her and asked if there was anything I could help her with. That's when she turned around and asked why I put up with her sisters shit? Before I could say anything, she continued. Why do I put up with Frank's shit. Why are the two of us shit on all the fucking time when we are the nice ones?

I had no idea what to say, but at that moment I had remembered my buddy telling me I had no balls. I looked my SIL dead in the eyes and with a stern voice I said "maybe you and I should just hook up and fuck. Show them assholes we don't need them." The look on her face was of pure shock and I braced myself for a slap across the face. Instead what I got was deep passionate kiss from her. She took me to the bedroom where we had amazing sex. She has and amazing body too. No kids, so her breast were perfect. No stretch marks and no sagging skin. My wife has saggy skin and bad stretch marks from being pregnant with a child she gave up before we met. Not sure how she got anyone else to fuck her, to tell you the truth. I didn't care anymore. I was done with her.

After my SIL had sex I asked her why she stayed with her husband; she asked me why I stayed with her sister. We both agreed we had no idea. I asked her if she wanted to be together with me, but she was concerned about her husband and her sister. I told her we could just run off together. She loved that idea and asked where we would go. I told her I always loved Florida. She agreed it was nice down there. So the next day I asked my boss at work for a transfer. I drained the savings and checking accounts, grabbing all the cash from the safe. I packed my Jeep and headed out while my wife was at yoga again. My SIL's husband was at the bar when we packed her stuff and left town. We drove nonstop from Wyoming to Florida. Her husband and my wife never even started calling until two days later. They didn't even care we were gone.

SIL and I found a place to live and she found a new job. I meanwhile started at my company's Florida branch. We finally answered the phone to both my wife and her husband. They were both PISSED beyond belief. Although I don't know why. It's like we told them, neither one of you actually like us anymore. So this is a good thing. Except my wife has no job and can't support herself. Both of them are stupid though. My SIL's husband paid her alimony which in turn we gave to my wife for alimony. So we weren't out anything for a couple years. Then we got a notice from the lawyer that my alimony would stop because my ex wife had married my SIL exhusband. No shit? Wow, we never saw that coming.

My SIL and I got married and now we have no more ties to those people. We both could care less if we ever see them again.

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  • Smile you did well. I met my girlfriend and she was hot. We fucked all the time. After a short amount of time she started being a bitch. Demanding, wanting money, Expected me to pay for her house. Said i should sell mine, and move in with her, and pay hers off.
    I figured out I was getting set up. Then I met her sister. She was 5 years younger and quiet, nice, smart, had a job. she was 18 I was 26.
    We hit it off and one night my girlfriend was bitching at me to the point I was packing my stuff. Then I heard her on on the phone with her sister saying I was an ass and I was leaving. 10 minutes later I got a text from her younger sister.
    "do you need a place to stay?" "I only have one bed but we can share".
    Her and I have kids now. I am so glad I met her older sister.

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