One night stand

I'm trying to convince my sister to have a one night stand with me. We are both married but i just want one night of sex with her. I've started sending flirty messages on WhatsApp and hope to make progress from there. Are there any sensible suggestions one can give me?

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  • I wish my older brother had just come out and asked me to be with him. We were 19 and 17 when I finally happened. I couldn't wait any longer for him to make the first move so I just took the lead and took him to my bed one night. I had wanted him since I was 13. He said has been in love with me since I was 12.

    IT WAS BEST FUCKING SEX OF MY LIFE. I was no virgin, I had been with 6 other guys at that point. They never fucked me like he does.

    10 years and 2 children later we live as a married couple in a small town. The sex is frequent and long. My brother is got a cock like a horse. It's all mine.

    I only wish he had come to me when I was 12. We wasted all those years not being with each other.

    God i love my brother.

  • You will just need to make up for lost time with your brother. Maybe when your children get a little older like 12-13ish, you can share the feelings you had for your brother when you were their age.

  • She said they now live as a married couple

  • Still harder with kids to make up lost time

  • Why??

  • God you and your brother are so lucky!!

  • Here's some advice, stop writing bullshit.

  • It's not BS. It's actually the truth for a change. It's a true confession.

  • It’s hard for me to say because I’m the sister in the situation. I waited until we were alone, I put on a Spanish porn he thought was a foreign film, and “covertly” startied touching myself. He pretty soon was interested, I pulled up my top, and that was that. If you can get to her tits, I feel like you’re golden

  • Is it truly one night you want or are you open to an affair?

  • Good question, realistically I know a one night stand would probably not be enough so therefore yes I would be open to a affair. A one night stand is the minimum I want.

  • Is your sister being flirty back with you? If yes, you've got a chance. If no, there is much work yet to be done.

  • She is a bit flirty in my opinion. I just hope I'm not miss reading the situation. So, maybe half a chance.

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