Im really starting think this is a bogus web page ....

I really starting to think this i a bogus web page !

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  • Once again my experiences are real..I don't make up shit..I live my dreams and I'm over 60 going on 40 or younger because I have so much fun with my body..I fondle and play with it all the time and it responds..especially my beautiful cock!!!

  • I love this not close this sight's a great place to share our true experiences and to hear from others and to get turned on and horney and to masturbate while reading the stories, it's just another way to get off and I do cum to some of the stories I relate to..keep the stories cumming..thank from panties300+!!!

  • Too many wankers and tossers in here.

  • Hmm , so what cobb webs are you hiding behind your holyer than shit .

  • And losers too, you forgot.

  • My confessions have been true, l really am a gay cocksucker slut.

  • It's actually one of the few places where people can say what they really think. For that reason, it will be closed down eventually as all such sites are.

  • So give me your email and I’ll send you a live pic of my tits.


  • Yep ! i knew it , a no show ,as always ....

  • I want a picture of your titties..please.

  • You want a picture of his man boobs? No where in the comment did they say they was a woman, and even if they had said they was a woman, this site is filled with bullshit lies. Think about it, you want a pic of some old fat mans hairy man boobs?? Gross.

  • I am sure he would shave them.

  • As long as you don't mind : pedos, chomos, homos, lesbos, nymphos, whackos, incestuous imbecilic inbreds, illiterate weenie waggers, dog, horse, cow and chicken-fuckers ( You ever seen a eggplant ? You have ? You been farther up a chicken's ass than I have ! YEE-HAW ! ) , the depraved, the deviate, the damaged, the doomed, the damned, the occasional Jesus crispy quoting scripture, entitled twits too snarky to go unchallenged,, and far too many juveniles taking mommy and daddy's computer for a joyride, well then, this is the place for you !

  • Amen. Way too many teenage boys on here getting their rocks off writing bullshit stories.
    I mean bullshit stories are fine as long as they are halfway plausible, but when you read about some young man fucking his mommy while she sleeps so he doesn't get caught by her or some guy walking into a person's house they don't know and fucking the daughter and the mother without saying a word, everyone knows it's BULLSHIT.

  • You're a most intelligent sand judgemental asshole aren't you princess??

  • LOL ! You must be one of the above, which is fine, I was hoping to cover everybody. I'm thinking you're a cross-dressing pedophile chicken-fucker, but, that doesn't explain why you're still taking mommy and daddy's computer on a joy ride. Do tell, court jester !

  • Most of it is, but the things I've been doing with my mother during this pandemic are true. She has asthma and afraid to even go outside. Feeling secluded, along with her paranoia, has made her extra horny. She's good looking, I don't have a girlfriend, so we've been fucking for a month now.

  • Mmm you go for it !

  • Definitely not bogus. Anything I post is real 💯

  • Me too

  • Oh me three. Lol

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