Wedding Night

Ladies who were virgins on their wedding night. What type of sex, if any, did you have before your wedding? On the wedding night, what was the sex actually like for you?

3 months ago

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    • I was a virgin, a sort of religious thing, but my fiancé wasn't so the wedding night wasn't a complete disaster but I really didn't know what to expect. We had done the usual couples things beforehand, touching, me wanking him off but not actual sex. The first time was very uncomfortable but it got better after a few days and we have had a good sex life for many years.

    • I decided to stay a virgin until I was married but it didn't stop me doing most other things that I'd learned from my girlfriends. My boyfriend was also a virgin but I was happy for him to gently finger me and play with my boobs. I used to give him hand jobs and loved to see the cum shoot out. We got close, I would let him rub off on my pubes or butt and again loved that he would shoot over me. Sex on the wedding night was a bit of a disappointment. We were both expecting too much. I was too tight and he was too inexperienced to get it in easily. We did manage it awkwardly and he finished inside quite quickly. I hoped that it would improve and it did. Thirty years later we still have an active sex life.

    • Disappointing, in fact!! But improved within a week...

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