On a Break

Women of Naughty Post, a question; while on a break from your SO (bf, gf, fiancé or husband) have you ever fooled around and / or had sex?

Sex is defined as giving or receiving oral, dick / cock / penis penetration in either your vagina or ass. Taking a dick between your tits until the guy cums. Making them cum or them making you cum or both if sex is done correctly.

Fooled Around is defined as kissing more than good night, rubbing someone’s dick / cock / penis / vagina / pussy through their pants or underwear and not making them cum. Letting a guy play with your tits and / or nipples. Other acts that do not lead to taking his dick into your body.

Now the questions: (In not particular order)
1. Who was the break from; BF, GF, Fiancé, husband?
2. Who initiated the “break”?
3. What led to or what do you think led to the “break”?
4. How long was the “break”?
5. How long was it into the “break” did you have SEX or FOOL AROUND?
6. How many times did you have SEX or FOOL AROUND?
7. Where did you meet the other person? Bar, Shopping...
8. Did you approach the other person or did they come to you? Or both of multiple occasions?
9. Was the SEX and / or FOOLING AROUND Worse, Same or Better than with your SO?
10. Was the person more Less, Same or More Attractive?
11. Were you Less, Same or More Sexual / Wild than with your SO?
12. Who approach whom when you got back together? Did you contact your ex SO or did they contact you about getting back together?
13. If you contacted them, why do you think they took you back?
14. Of your SO contacted you, why did you go back with them?
15. Did you tell your SO about your sexual activities while “broken up”? Or did they ask?
16. What was their reaction?
17. Did you keep it a secret? Hoped it would never come out?
18. If it came out later, how much later?
19. How did it affect your relationship? Made it worse, The same, Made it better, other
20. How did you explain to your SO after why you wanted the break or did you not say anything? (needed space, wanted to try being single, wanted to try being promiscuous, wanted to be a slut...)
21. Time questions: How long together before the break? How old were you both when the break occurred? If still together how long after getting back together?

Appreciate in advance all who respond with serious feedback.


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  • Break was from my husband.
    I initiated it but we were both in agreement.
    Things getting stale needing time apart to refresh the relationship.
    The break was a few months short of a year.
    Fooled around after a couple months then after another couple weeks had sex.
    With the first guy fooled around once and that lead to sex which was around the 10 times mark give or take 1 or 2.
    Knew him before as a friend.
    Well he was being a supportive male friend so he approached me but I welcomed his support.
    The fooling around was nice,no better or worse,just what would follow after flirting.The sex felt better at first but that's because I needed it as a distraction to help take my mind off things.But after no better at all.
    He wasn't as good-looking as my husband but his body was in better shape.
    Less sexual,I drew the line at doing certain things that id do with my husband.
    We talked about first setting a date to talk seriously and then after a few very serious talks got back together.
    We were always still in contact and agreed that it was a break and whatever happened we needed to talk and get a few things out.
    Yes I told him.
    He was mad at first but put it aside so we could move on.
    Told him but not all the details.
    It made our relationship and sex life better.I suggested we have a threesome with another woman so it would make us even.He was up for that.
    Together 6 years,I was 32,he 34.Was roughly 2 and half years ago.

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