I am a 32 year old female who is getting married next week but has just let the stripper fuck me in my ass. I have never let my fiancé do this. I have to go home in the morning with a sore ass which probably still has cum inside it.

This is not like me at all. I feel a complete slut and I should call off the wedding

Jan 18
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    • Give him your ass on your wedding night, he will remember that forever

    • I've seen a video of my wife and my sister giving a male stripper a blowjob

    • Yes you are a slut but don't call off the wedding, be a good slut for your fiance and let him fuck your ass too.

    • My wife and I both fucked other people the day before our wedding. It was our last chance before we took our vows.

    • My wife snd I had a MFM threesome on our honeymoon

    • You should have 2 girls too lol

    • We did later on it’s nice to share your wife or husband

    • Yes it is. I have had both and a foursome too and nothing hotter. My gf loved watching me

    • Have your fiancé fuck you in your ass. Then tell him that he wasn't the first. I bet knowing that someone else was first will turn him on and he will fuck your ass again right away.

    • At my bachelorette party I ended up being DP’ed. first time having a threesome. I was so drunk, I remembered what happened but couldn’t believe I allowed myself to do that.

    • My last bachelor party we ended up fucking both strippers and one spent the night with me. Thank god future wife was away lol

    • You let him cum in your ass?

    • Yes his cock was so big and it felt so good to feel his hot cum squirt all in my ass

    • Good job keep it up. Naughty girl.

    • 1) you're obviously not respectful of your mate. Allowing another man to go where no man has gone before would be a deal breaker for me.

      2) he deserves the opportunity to bow out.

      3) you're not ready to be married.

      Tried to be polite as possible. Good luck.

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